Soccer for President?

I was doing some Googling in search of an article about how Spain apparently cut off the broadcast of “two important football matches” for news about Barack Obama election returns. (CNN made mention of it, and I was curious what teams constituted “important” in Spain.)

Never did find what I was looking for … but I did stumble across this interesting blog entry from the LA Times (written pre-election) suggesting that an Obama win might coincide with a soccer boom in the USA — at least such is the vision of filmmaker Joe Roth, owner of the MLS-expansion Seattle Sounders FC:

Roth sees soccer as appealing to the same fast-growing demographic groups that have been at the center of Obama’s campaign.

“If you took a map of America where Obama is strongest and laid it over a map of where soccer has its biggest appeal, you’d see an incredible overlap,” he told me. “The blue states on both coasts are very soccer-friendly as well as huge areas of support for Obama, where as the center of the country is full of people who are the enemies of soccer and Obama — white, 50-and-over guys who listen to talk radio and only care about football or basketball.”

UPDATE: Sang, you will probably also like the Sounders because the one player they signed above their salary cap is Swedish star/underwear model Freddie Ljungberg:

Author: Danieldinho

I like soccer.

2 thoughts on “Soccer for President?”

  1. I’m actually not highly impressed with the Ljunberg signing. It smacks of the signing tendencies of the old NASL. With the exception of a two or three stars of the time period, NASL signed a number of European stars near the end of their careers. I don’t know if this is smart. Ljunberg at one point was one the EPL’s brightest stars with Arsenal, but time may have caught up with him. As for the Obama bump in soccer; get a life LA Times. At most one can hope for two or five percent bump in fans. Listen to Oliver Tse’s take on fan/TV growth and most MSL execs would love a 10 to 15 percent bump. But the reality of such growth grows within a five to ten year window. Sports grow not because of presidential elections, but through mulitple factors spanning economic, social, and yes sometimes political factors.

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