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I’m in an American Football “pick’em” league and doing quite well — top 1 percent. Currently ranked 24th out of nearly 10,000 in Las Vegas, and 244th out of more than 140,000 nationwide. (Tied for 1st out of 13 in the Danieldinho family group.)

Of course I’d love to be able to claim such success making these picks on the Premier League … but I just don’t know the teams well enough. And though, as strange as this may seem, I’ve never made a bet in a casino sports book … I’ve been having a hankering to bet me some soccer. So I’ve started making some practice picks, to see how I would do as I get up the nerve to lay down some real money on the games.

Frankly, I’m not 100 percent sure I’ve even got a complete understanding of how the wagers work. But in my little soccer betting world, I made a pretend $100 wager on each game — either the amount it would take to win $100, or $100 to win more.

My results this weekend, with my pick in bold:

-150 Middlesbrough 1:1 go to link Arsenal
+100 Aston Villa 4:2 Bolton
-400 Hull City 2:2 site de rencontres pour les 50 ans Liverpool
-100 Everton site rencontre roumanie 1:0 Manchester City
+190 Fulham Tastylia Online Without Prescription\\ 0:0 Stoke City
+100 W Bromwich 0:4 Sunderland
+100 Blackburn 0:3 Wigan
+210 Manchester Utd les sites de rencontre gratuit sans inscription 0:0 Tottenham
+220 belle rencontre d'amour poeme Newcastle 3:0 Portsmouth
-650 West Ham 1:1 Chelsea

see url Total: -$380

Hmm, without Liverpool and Chelsea, I’d be +$670. So I guess what I’m learning here is that the big-disparity favorites simply don’t make sense to bet on?

My pretend full betting card woulda required putting up $2,010 in an attempt to win $1,315.

My pretend no-bigboy betting card woulda cost me $960 in an attempt to win $1,115.

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I like soccer.

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