Brad Guzan: Go American Goalies?

OK, the Liverpool/Villa game didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. And my “boy” Brad Friedel … well it’s hard to make the argument any more that he’s the best goalkeeper in the EPL after a 5-0 drubbing. But I did find it interesting to see, after he got sent off with red, that Aston Villa’s back-up goalie is also an American … Brad Guzan, who made his EPL debut today with an unsuccessful attempt to block the penalty kick he inherited from Friedel. Hopefully Villa’s understudy has learned a bunch of stuff from Friedel before he started sucking.

Guzan is also a Chicago Polack … so that makes me like him even more.

UPDATE: Of course, he’s a Chivas USA guy! The 24-year-old, in fact, was the 2007 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year … and super-beloved by the fans.

Here’s an official tribute to him from Chivas, celebrating his export to Villa.

And here’s a highlight reel of his saving ability from The Offside:

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4 thoughts on “Brad Guzan: Go American Goalies?”

  1. Well as a Liverpool fan I’m gonna need Villa to do a number on Man U in two weeks. Villa won’t have Friedel for that game so I hope Guzan rises to the occasion. United won’t have Scholes, Vidic, Rooney, and depending on his ankle Berbatov. Villa will need to do what Fulham just did, get really lucky.

  2. Why won’t they have him for the Man U game? Surely the red card doesn’t carry over that long, right?

    This is such a critical point for Villa. Either they are going to collapse into the mediocre middle of the pack — showing that they just got lucky to be where they were — or they will get their shit back together and step up to show that they are still for real.

    (Either way, I’ll always have Wigan …)

  3. The red card for Friedel was for EPL games and Villa’s next one wasn’t to be until two weeks from last weekend. However the FA rescinded the red card and he can now play. We’re gonna have to talk about that last comment about Wigan.

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