USA vs. El Salvador: Whose Your Keeper?

opcje binarne jaka strategia Admittedly, I am still learning a lot about soccer … I was in a tizzy today because ESPN 2 seemed to be showing reruns of the WSOP instead of USA/Salvador, only to have someone tell me that the game wasn’t til Saturday — phew! — and when I rechecked that out on the internet, indeed, he was right!

trade 212 Anyhow, do we know yet who will be goalie in that game? Will Brad Guzan be making the trip — and would that have been different had Brad Friedel’s red card not been rescinded?

online handel binäre optionen Sorry for asking more than telling here … but hey, we’re new, with only like a few hundred thousand readers a day so far … so I’m figuring it’s not too late to still get help finding links to the best soccer info out there.

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source site I like soccer.

2 thoughts on “USA vs. El Salvador: Whose Your Keeper?”

  1. go site dude, i understand that. my thinking was … if starting goalie was out, would back-up goalie skip an international game to start for his club game?

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