USA vs. El Salvador: Whose Your Keeper?

Admittedly, I am still learning a lot about soccer … I was in a tizzy today because ESPN 2 seemed to be showing reruns of the WSOP instead of USA/Salvador, only to have someone tell me that the game wasn’t til Saturday — phew! — and when I rechecked that out on the internet, indeed, he was right!

Anyhow, do we know yet who will be goalie in that game? Will Brad Guzan be making the trip — and would that have been different had Brad Friedel’s red card not been rescinded?

Sorry for asking more than telling here … but hey, we’re new, with only like a few hundred thousand readers a day so far … so I’m figuring it’s not too late to still get help finding links to the best soccer info out there.

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I like soccer.

2 thoughts on “USA vs. El Salvador: Whose Your Keeper?”

  1. Friedel retired from international duties a few years back. Red cards in club games don’t affect national team rosters. Stop embarrassing the site.

  2. dude, i understand that. my thinking was … if starting goalie was out, would back-up goalie skip an international game to start for his club game?

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