It’s Go Time

Due to travel restrictions imposed by the UN, Interpol, and the Texas Board of Corrections the Dallas office of Soccerati is prohibited from traveling overseas for the next two years.  So in order to catch all the big games of the Champions League we are forced to watch on the telly.  Luckily for us there is a great bar called the Mini-Bar that is cozy, football friendly, and has an amazing selection of beer.  So with a cast of characters that includes disparate members of the Batfaces, and those I’m convinced are Basques separatists, Soccerati is going through the pain of seeing Liverpool give up an away goal to the Chavs of Chelsea.  That game is still tied, but what is occurring in Barcelona right now to a Bayern side is clearing payback for Guernica and the Condor Legion.  Great second halves to come.

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