5 thoughts on “Liverpool 1-Chelsea 3”

  1. I’m not sure there’s ever a good time to admit to liking Chelsea.

    But yesterday, Guus earned whatever his pay from the Chelski boss may be. I think back to the World Cup, where Russia hung three on the Netherlands in a game no one gave them a chance to score even one. Guus struck again.

    Three thoughts:

    1. Hiddink uses a single striker formation, which pulled the wings wider and basically eliminated any help for Torres from his wings. Hard to remember if Kuyt even played. This left Essien to dominate up the middle against a squad missing Mascherano.

    2. Guus clearly watched some film on set piece defending from the scousers. After watching each goal several times, I finally concede that there was actually an attempt at zone marking by Liverpool, but it was so poor that it was almost unrecognizable. To beat it, Guus sent three different runners through the same gap, two prior to the kick and one during, on each set piece. On the first goal, they picked on Xabi, who MUST know that if you allow three to run past you, you eventually have to follow one of them. Same onslaught on Gerrard for the second one, same result. Either be aware of the numbers or quit the zone (or I guess, better yet, keep allowing the goals).

    3. Malouda has waited two years to finally play a decent game for Chelsea. Fleeting moments of brilliance and long spells of uninspired play are his norm, until yesterday.

    Oh, ok, number 4: Scousers didn’t waste much time after Terry’s 2nd yellow to waste whatever opportunity they might have had in the second game in his absence.

    But after watching Barcelona yesterday, I’m not sure these fixtures have any meaning.

  2. I’m taking a break from football for a day or two. My liver just sent me a text promising legal action if I continue drinking at the rate I am now. One day when I’m married with kids I’ll look back on this and laugh. But probably I’ll just beat the shit out of my kids.

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