2 thoughts on “Man City Continue Slow Development of Talent”

  1. If that guy in the photo had taken off his “hand goggles” and passed the ball to Henry all by his lonesome on the left, the would have won the game AT LEAST 1-0.


    And Henry was none-to-happy about it either.

    Re: Man City…

    I think that Eto’o would be a positive addition (on the field at least) for another couple of years. I’m just not sure that 40 Million GBP is worth it for 2 years… hmmmm. But then again, I was a government major.

  2. The caveat to the Eto’o story may just be the opening act to what is known in England as the “silly season”. When the summer transfer window comes about a whole slew of names are thrown around with this player going here and this player going there. Last year there were reports of David Villa being at the Liverpool airport, and well we all know how that turned out. This is not to say that Eto’o won’t move, but grains of salt are a summer necessity for any football fan.
    Plus while 27 is far far from old, this is a player who has spent his entire professional career in Spain. Can he adapt to the English style of play?

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