Man U vs. Aston Villa

It was an amazing game, and I didn’t even get to see it. But I did get to feel the pain with almost none of the pleasure:

(Brad Friedel, do I even know you any more?)

Facebook Game of the Week (for me):

Dan Michalski is wondering when Villa is going to learn to win again.

 Chance Miller at 12:51pm April 5
It seemed like they wanted to win today. And at Old Trafford to boot! Then someone asked- “Are you serious? Do you really think you can win here?” and then they replied. “Nahhh… we were just kidding.”
 Dan Michalski at 12:59pm April 5
I hear ya. And a a die-hard AV fan for like FOUR MONTHS, I am really starting to question my loyalties and belief system.
 Sang Yoo at 7:22pm April 5
I’m pretty sure suffering is part and parcel of the EPL world of football. Is it a good time to tell you that AV is probably gonna lose its best midfield player in the summer?

 Chance Miller at 7:37pm April 5
Basically you need to pick a Top 4 team to pull for and then one of the rest.

Aston Villa looked primed to break that glass ceiling and then just like a single female executive caught peeing on a pregnancy stick in the company bathroom, that ladder has been pulled out from underneath her/them.

The Top 4 Teams:…  Read More

ManU: Owned by the same American Jews that own the Tampa Bay Bucs, and the US government has bailed out their jersey sponsor

Liverpool: Owned by two NHL owners (Gillette- Montreal Canadians & Tom Hicks- owns the Stars, the Rangers, a large portions of the University of Texas athletic program and St. Mark’s School of Texas.)

Chelsea: Owned by a Ruskie who used illegal methods to become a billionaire and who has both not opposed Putin, while also getting out of Russia so that Putin doesn’t feel threatened. Still does whatever Putin asks.

Arsenal: 25% owned by someone from the former USSR (but not Russia) & ~21% by the American who owns the Rapids.

 Sang Yoo at 7:48pm April 5
As a Liverpool fan we’ve haven’t won a league title in 19 years so whether you’re a top four team or not the suffering is the same. Usamnov is the Ukrainian I believe with part ownership of Arsenal, and Stan Kroenke the American with the 21% stake is married to a Walton of Wal-Mart fame.
 Chance Miller at 8:04pm April 5
I grew up with Stanley Marcus’ grandkids (of Neiman-Marcus fame). I don’t know much about this “Wal-Mart” of which you speak.


 Sang Yoo at 12:29am April 6
wasn’t trying to be a smart ass, just giving out the particulars of all the players. Although as a johnny come lately fan of Liverpool I really do feel like a second class fan.
 Dan Michalski at 12:53am April 6
why do you taunt me like this? so uncool.
 Sang Yoo at 12:55am April 6
you’re trying to hurt me now Chance. A freaking teenager dude,and an Italian teenager to boot. This is why football only dispenses heartache and ulcers. And he’s from the Lazio farm system as well. Hate the game.
 Dan Michalski at 1:31am April 6
OK, that really was a beautiful goal. I can see why AIG, er, I mean Man U really is America’s Team.

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