Soccer… Has Come… To America (We Hope We’ll be Saying in 2018 or 22)



Somewhere in between fighting pirates and watching the world crumble through a window in the Oval Office, Barack Obama found the time this week to reach across one cold, choppy aisle, and try to bring some more footy into our lives. 

That’s right, everyone’s favorite superhero president sent a letter to FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter requesting that ugly Americans be given another chance to view the beautiful game on their home soil. Preferably in 2018 or 2022.

For the record this is 100% what I too would be doing if I couldn’t solve the financial crisis.

5 thoughts on “Soccer… Has Come… To America (We Hope We’ll be Saying in 2018 or 22)”

  1. I think everything depends on how the 2010 World Cup turns out. If, and this is a huge if, South Africa turns out to be a mess then FIFA needs a home run in Brazil. Well there are concerns that Brazil might be facing similar preparation issues that S. Africa faces. At some point giving the U.S. the hosting duties might be FIFA saying, hey Americans know how to put a show.

  2. Dan I think you’ve stopped reading after the first sentence. And World Cup hosting selection is probably one of the most corrupt processes in the world. Obama’s letter won’t really decide the issue. How much money pumped into FIFA accounts will. When the military junta of Argentina hosted the World Cup in 78 Johan Cruyff refused to join the Dutch national team in protest of the World Cup. Why well the dictatorship was in the process of culling their society with “disappearances” that range in the thousands. Current estimates are at around 25,000.

  3. Hey, I can’t help it if your writing is weak. I recognize Obama’s letter means nothing … other than inspiring American investors to start getting behind the idea.

    My real question to you, though, was whether or not there have been any disasters in terms of logistics/hostages.

    Nice use of a link, btw! Glad to see you finally got the whole “cut and paste” thing down.

  4. The Argentine government that hosted the 78 World Cup killed 25,000 of it’s own citizenry prior and after its’ hosting duties. I can’t put it any clearer than that. And since that World Cup no South American nation has hosted the event. A region with three World Cup winners, and two multiple winners hasn’t hosted the World Cup since 1978. Why because the 78 World Cup is considered a disaster.
    If South Africa turns into a disaster, which I said is a huge if. Then when FIFA announces the host for 2018, which FIFA will do in December of 2010, the U.S. has a great edge over other nations due to the fact we’re bad ass when it comes to putting on sporting events.

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