Setanta Loses EPL Rights

I know I’m pretty new to this whole soccer thing, but I’m pretty sure the above is a big deal. So much for my switching cable/satellite providers to get Setanta. And does this have anything to do with Fox Sports here in the US?

Apparently the “better” English Premier League provider welched on £30 million owed to the league — and though for a while it looked like an American investor might bail them out (interesting), but in the end that deal fell through.

More from the BBC’s football blogger on where Setanta went wrong here.

Author: Danieldinho

I like soccer.

5 thoughts on “Setanta Loses EPL Rights”

  1. To paraphrase the midget ship captain from “Top Gun” who was also the asshole principal in “Back To The Future”…

    “Setanta was writing checks that its body couldn’t cash.”


    Enter ESPN and their crapalicious coverage.

  2. The only reason I got Direct TV was for Setanta, now… I’m heading back to TW. Even if ESPN’s coverage of the game is crap now, I think with some stake in European games coverage improves. They just lost Champions League, so EPL games might provide some cover.

  3. A real soccer fan would know that this only effects the SETANTA in Europe.

    Setanta Sports

    Setanta Sports USA
    Important Customer Message

    As has been widely reported in various media channels, Setanta Sports has today had its agreement to broadcast 46 Barclays Premier League matches in the UK terminated.

    This development does not affect our channels and other services in the US.

    Setanta Sports in the US is a separate operation that has separate agreement to show the Barclay’s Premier League. Our channels and other services in the US continue to broadcast and our subscribers can still enjoy our programming including the Lions Tour of South Africa and the UEFA U21 European Championship.

    Go back to your pregame routine while waiting for Spain to demolish the host country.

  4. That I didn’t know. Yet I will take the quote with a grain of salt. Setanta not only defaulted on payments to EPL, but also the Scottish league. If Setanta Europe goes down, does Setanta USA have a long shelf life afterwards? In other words since it’s only carried by one cable company, can it afford payments for the rights of EPL games if parent company goes down.

  5. I’m concerned also. FSC cannot pick up any of the slack due to UK antitrust issues and thus it will be up to a new provider to broadcast the games. Looking at Julie Foudy before 7am on Saturdays will probably end my interest in the beautiful game.

    Hopefully, two more drunken Irish will have a similar idea and start a new broadcast company.

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