Everybody Hates Michael Owen



Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’ve sold exactly as many jerseys in the Man U Megastore as Michael Owen.” Yeah, it’s true. According to an employee, the U’s team store has received exactly ZERO requests for an Owen jersey (in case you don’t know, Owen signed with the squad earlier this month).

If it’s any consolation to the former Liverpool/England national team star, at least he can’t get any less popular with Red Devil fans…right?

4 thoughts on “Everybody Hates Michael Owen”

  1. Dude I couldn’t be the one to post a Michael Owen story. LOL hard right now. He supposedly wanted back with Liverpool, but the douche never tracks back on D. And the brochure his agent sent out to some of the larger clubs in Europe was just sad. He’ll give them about 10-12 goals, which makes him perfect for ManUre. But at a Stoke or Hull, it would have been a huge contract to fit into their wage structure. Even though he was a Bosman, 30-40K a week is what I heard he was looking for. Fits ManUre, don’t think so at other clubs.

  2. I can only hope that this signing is just in case Blatter’s 6-5 rule gets legs. But at least Owen finally has a chance at a trophy.

  3. Well the 6-5 is coming. Most of the big clubs are sending out signs that they are trying to sign more home grown talent. Even Real have said signing Spaniards are a priority. I think by next summer post World Cup you’ll see this assertion be put more into practice. As for a chance at trophies, losing CR and late season shakiness from Vidic and Rio means worries. Man U have only one proven scorer in Rooney, and haven’t made any of a major dent in the transfer season.

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