Why Football is Better Than Soccer

I’m not blaspheming here- I don’t mean “Throwball” or “American Football.” I’m comparing soccer abroad to soccer in the US, and have chosen this morning to blame highlight the media coverage.

The same “rumor” from two sources.  First, CNNSI:

Colombia international Fredy Montero has claimed he has been in contact with Premier League side Fulham. Reports have suggested Cottagers boss Roy Hodgson could bid for the striker, who is currently on loan at MLS side Seattle Sounders from Deportivo Cali.

Next, the genius of The Guardian (UK):

Fredy Montero, who sounds like a minor bookie or middleman in an early 1980s big-budget gangster film who gets killed in an imaginative way – hung on a meat hook, buried in concrete – as a plot device to speed up a climactic gang war, but is actually a striker with coffee bar-based acoustic indie band The Seattle Sounders, wants to move to Fulham.

Football 1, Soccer 0.  Time for Soccerati to steal the torch and raise the bar for Soccer reporting.

4 thoughts on “Why Football is Better Than Soccer”

  1. Eh – for years now British rhetoric (public, political or otherwise) has sounded like the Daily Show. Seems to me that level of sarcasm is reserved for people whose former glory will never be returned.

  2. Perhaps, but the Daily Show has inarguably raised interest and awareness of news and current events in a previously apathetic audience. In a recent Time Magazine poll (read whatever level of importance you wish into that source), Jon Stewart is considered the nation’s most trusted newscaster following the death of Cronkite. Point being, a little snark and commentary goes a long way toward piquing the curiosity of an indifferent audience, which US soccer currently has in spades.

  3. Good point about the snark and it’s relation to our nation’s collective ennui – but it begs the question, what’s on the other side of the snark?

    But more importantly for purpose of this blog, what turns this country’s indifference to soccer around?

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