Soccer to Reunify Korea?

go They’re thinking about it, at least. South Korea is supposedly ready to pass a resolution in September that will create a joint North Korea-South Korea football fan group — and part of that will entail KOR sending 300 fans from PRK to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Both North and South Korea have already qualified for South Africa 2010, making it the first time the two countries have ever competed in the same World Cup.

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3 thoughts on “Soccer to Reunify Korea?”

  1. follow No unification along any lines whatsoever until those bastards get their shit together. This thing has a shelf life of an hour. I fully expect 30-40 percent of those people up north to defect and the program gets shut down by the usual petty paranoia of Pyonmungong.

  2. If one were to compile a list of the five worst governed nations in the world North Korea would easily gain the top spot. Compound that with the most clumsy foreign policy ever and those bastards up north have no right whatsoever being part of the international community in any form, even in sporting competitions.

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