Man of the Match Follow Up

Obvious Choice

Obvious Choice

Thanks to the ever-increasing high tech world of Soccerati (blurry tivo and a cellphone camera), I verified what I thought I’d seen a few weeks back- namely, a poker/gambling website (rather than a “play for free” .net version) as a paid sponsor of the Man of the Match.  Since this type of ad is verbotten in the US, I still seek an explanation from anyone that can explain it.  Is it still prohibited? Is there an applicable exception? Or is it ignored when two drunk Irish guys put it on a channel in the 600’s?

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    1. Setanta. I can only presume that the USA is getting the Setanta-Ireland feed, which may explain the sponsorship, but I doubt it excuses it.

      1. yeah, that’s probably it … you can see plenty of .com online gambling ads on Fox Sports and even ESPN for EPL games. As far as the legality of that goes … you know these issues are just starting to be figured out in the courts, and they haven’t gotten to these two-or-three degrees of separation things yet.

        1. The ones on ESPN that I’ve seen are in-stadia banners and dashers that can’t really be edited out of live telecasts, but I haven’t seen any advertisements from the .com gambling sites paid to the networks for in-broadcast sponsorship or placement like the ones on Setanta. Again, I’m wondering if it’s a loophole because it’s a foreign telecast being shown live here, or if it’s just being ignored. If it’s a loophole, couldn’t the international networks broadcasting to other countries simply claim that the revenue went to the foreign coffers and what we’re seeing in the US is a contemporaneous feed of foreign programming? i.e. ESPN broadcasting the WSOP-Europe to it’s European outlets, sponsored by, and then showing it on ESPN2 in the states.

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