Sony to Show World Cup Games in 3-D

Not even sure what that means and whether or not you’ll have to wear funny glasses … but the techsters at Sony are using South Africa 2010 as the stage to show off their latest technology.

From the looks of things, however, we will not be able to view the special stuff in the USA.

Author: Danieldinho

I like soccer.

4 thoughts on “Sony to Show World Cup Games in 3-D”

  1. @steve, our soccerati staff is not as well-payed as pokerati … so we’re spread a little thin and can’t be everywhere (or even watching everything on TV), as awesome as that would be.

    yeah, i know, i’m wondering, too! hopefully someone will post video of it on youtube (lol).

  2. During the draw the Dallas office was engaged in a very high level negotiation with a Columbian arms dealer for the crown jewels of the Thai royal family. And we were hungover.

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