Soccer Stars and Their Cars

Here’s a nifty video showing the vehicles driven by the best (and best-paid) footballers out there.

Not to give away the ending, but here’s a breakdown of who drives what:

Peter Crouch – Aston Martin D89
Didier Drogba – Mercedes SL 65
Andriy Schevchenko – Ferrari F360
Zlatan Ibrahimovich – Ferrari F430 Spyder
Ryan Giggs – Bentley Continental GT
Xabi Alonso – Range Rover Sport 4.4
Wayne Rooney – Lamboghini Gallardo
Thierry Henry – Astin Martin Vanquish
Cristiano Ronaldo – Audi R8
Sol Campbell – BMW X5
Alessandro Del Pierro – Fiat 500
David Beckham – Aston Martin D87
Fernando Torres – Audi Q7
Steven Gerrard – Range Rover Vogue
Ruud van Nistelrooij – Mercedes M-Class
Michael Essien – Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

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