Worst Soccer Bet Ever (in Theory)

https://www.gemeinde-stammham.de/destolo/2567 In-game betting can be dangerous … as one college student learned during an African Cup of Nations match between Angola and Mali.

go site Angola was up 4-0 when the student bet his entire £4,400 education loan on Angola holding on for the win. Had they been successful, he woulda won £44 via Betfair. Alas, the Mali-ans pulled off a miracle at the last second to draw.

http://colombiatourstickets.com/?viowq=agence-de-rencontre-baie-comeau&cd3=26 [via CalvinAyre]

site de rencontre ketouba UPDATE: James in Dundee (aka @jambizzle) tweets in to say this story is not accurate:

follow link This was outed as a joke between the Original poser (bettor) and a friend. No bet was made.

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