Good Times Alert: Interactive Chalkboards

I hardly get how to use them, but you can track matches and compare stats with the Guardian’s new Interactive Chalkboards feature. Right now it’s all about Premier League, but I can only imagine they’ll have the same movable data display available for World Cup 2010, too.

Football management newbies like myself should check out the FAQ here.

Author: Danieldinho

I like soccer.

One thought on “Good Times Alert: Interactive Chalkboards”

  1. Ok starting in June for the World Cup I have to be more serious for football betting. Serious in a way where if I go on a major losing streak, I jeopardize my family’s business and what my father has built up over the years. And this chalkboard thingy will only fuel what delusions I have that i can cogently analyze a football game and win money. Self destruction is the only release for personal actualization gentlemen…or that’s what my last bookie told me.

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