Soccer and Awe So this is a cool video, from Al Jazeera, about the popularity of women’s football in Egypt. You can see it’s a total tough-girl thing in the face of conservative Islam, but also, the appeal to the men is being able to see some leg:

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follow link Another great soccer video — this one of Ronaldinho, starting as a child, and moving up from there. OK, I think I am gaining a little respect for the Barcelona Brazilian. [youtube=]

go here (My favorite scene is where he heads the ball out of the goalie’s hands.)

Wigan hangs on, manager checks out

My favorite bottom-of-the-barrel Premiership team, Wigan, has survived relegation … but their manager, Paul Jewell, has said he’s had enough and will be taking a break from football.

Interestingly enough, it was the Wigan loss against Arsenal — whereupon he mouthed off Mark Cuban-style about the ref — that really got me into the game … and appreciating the beauty of the threat of relegation! Paul Jewell may be gone, but here at Soccerati, he will not be forgotten.