Soccer Stars and Their Cars

Here’s a nifty video showing the vehicles driven by the best (and best-paid) footballers out there.

Not to give away the ending, but here’s a breakdown of who drives what:

Peter Crouch – Aston Martin D89
Didier Drogba – Mercedes SL 65
Andriy Schevchenko – Ferrari F360
Zlatan Ibrahimovich – Ferrari F430 Spyder
Ryan Giggs – Bentley Continental GT
Xabi Alonso – Range Rover Sport 4.4
Wayne Rooney – Lamboghini Gallardo
Thierry Henry – Astin Martin Vanquish
Cristiano Ronaldo – Audi R8
Sol Campbell – BMW X5
Alessandro Del Pierro – Fiat 500
David Beckham – Aston Martin D87
Fernando Torres – Audi Q7
Steven Gerrard – Range Rover Vogue
Ruud van Nistelrooij – Mercedes M-Class
Michael Essien – Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

What a 2-second Goal Looks Like

21-year-old Saudi striker Nawaf Al Abed scored on Saturday what papers in the UK are claiming to be the fastest goal ever recorded in a professional match:

Funky stuff always going down in the Middle Eastern leagues, no? Or is it just that they’re getting more coverage than before, and the whole internet thing, that we see more soccer from them over all?

Thanks, as often, to the PokerGossip, for keeping me abreast of the other big-money action out there.

Dirtiest Women’s Soccer Game Ever?

You know, maybe women’s college football really should think about going the hockey route … because while the following behavior is “inexcusable”, I gotta think the ferocity of the hard-fouling chick brutality in and of itself makes me more likely to watch BYU in their conference championship this weekend:

Thanks, Steve, for sending!

RE: USA vs. Mexico

Ack! So ESPN does a 30-minute preview special (cool) … but I can’t find the game itself on TV. I am up in the Pacific Northwest, with some not-so-soccery friends who don’t have Fox Soccer Channel or Setanta … and the cable here doesn’t carry Telemundo, let alone Telemundo 2. WTF!?

(And some Americans wanna stop the influx of Mexicans into this country? I don’t get it!)

Anyhow, I have found a live stream online in two places — both en Espanol however. Let me know if there’s a place I can find it in English.

Currently watching one of the biggest games in my (short) soccer life here:

And I also found the same thing, with just about every other game, too, via the Japanese here:

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the game from one of mi amigas who is there right now:


photo: Lesley Tellez

UPDATE: Marc in New York writes in with more:

“When all else fails,

“If they want their son to be a professional footballer, they send him out to the street.”

Soccerati’s own Sangyfarha on why Club America fans mean more to US Soccer than American Chelsea fans:

Soccer Weather and the Future of Football Stadiums

It started out as a beautiful day, but by halftime the lightning was cracking and the rain coming down … (kinda like the Chelsea vs. Club America game was going, actually). The extra-wet smoke-break at Cowboys stafium gives Sangyfarha a chance to analyze how weather plays into the 21st Century version of the beautiful game. Guess what – not only will the World Cup be looking at monster American football stadiums like these, but so will the European football leagues, Sang says.

Anti-Chelsea Postgame at The Lodge

Where better to celebrate a victory drown your sorrows than at a tiddie bar filled with fans of the team you were unsuccessfully rooting against? Add multiple vodka tonics and a penchant for violence and you’ve got a winner … but not before a Chelsea fan tries to make nice by offering up his Samsung blue in exchange for Sangyfarha’s red. Fortunately a drunken Syrian steps in to broker the peace.

A poetic statement on football’s international diversity and an American trying to come to grips with riot mentality and a conflicting desire for women in 8-inch heels.