N26 is far more like a regular bank than Revolut. Revolut say they use the “Interbank” rate – but the difference appears to be very small overall. Aside from the race to dominate the global markets in terms of registered users, app downloads and huge funding and valuations, how do these digital banks really compare against each other? Fintech solutions are made to meet challenges and provide with fine solutions for our interesting questions The standard checking account is free for both however, Revolut charges a fee (6.00) for the delivery of your first card. October 29, 2020. Revolut is much more focused on the international side of banking and on offering you … However, they are still in the early stages. Revolut is licensed as a bank in Lithuania. To date, N26 says it has raised close to $800 million, keeping its valuation at $3.5 billion. Though you cannot set a monthly budget with N26. The fintech firm has a banking license backed by the Bank of Lithuania. Vaults round up your spending or any spare change to be deposited into your vault. As with most things, it depends. Revolut is a London based fintech company founded in 2015 by Nik Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. Revolut has reached more than 12 million customers in over 30 countries. Another layer of security is the fingerprint login. Revolut has 'Vaults' to keep your savings. Free EUR withdrawals with N26 and Revolut: If you withdraw Euros in any country from any ATM you will not be charged any additional fees, unless there is an ATM transaction fee, charged from the ATM machine. Felix Thompson Updated Dec 3, 2020. The N26 app or website has a full customer support center with all relevant queries being answered in the FAQs sections, blogs, and tutorials. Ci semplificano la vita, sono comodi, smart, connessi, facili e sicuri. N26 Mastercard vs Revolut Mastercard When we talk about N26 vs Revolut, we have to start with those flagship products of these services of Mobile banking . N26 vs Revolut: Which Is Better? N26 and Revolut among others represent the new age digital-only banks that are popularly known as the 'challenger' banks or neobanks. N26 offers free money transfers within the Eurozone through the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). However, these are available only for Germans as of now. Saving with N26 is easy with 'Spaces'. There might be additional bank charges for wire transfers in the non-Euro zone or cross-currency transactions. N26 closed its operations in the UK in 2020 following Brexit. As of February 2020, Revolut is valued at 4.2 billion following a funding round and thus, became the UK's most valuable fintech startup. This year, N26 has over 5 million customers across 25 markets, with a team of more than 1,500 employees across its main offices in Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Vienna, and São Paulo. ... 21 Oct 2020 667 Views. Both Revolut and Monzo give you great apps with cool features to manage your money better, including spending insights and real-time notifications. Revolut and N26, two of the sector’s biggest players in Europe, have been active in Ireland for a number of years. With N26, you can have a look at your spendings for each month in various spending areas like eating out, shopping, travel, donations, etc. What are the fees involved and how easy (or difficult) is it to open and maintain an account? By Nicholas Say May 13, 2020 Two of the most prominent challenger banks or “neobanks” are N26 and Revolut, European fintech companies offering digital-only apps that are unique alternatives to conventional brick and mortar institutions. N26 does however have a banking licence and although Revolut has had a banking licence approved, it is not yet able to operate as a fully-fledged bank. Their number of users (12M for Revolut, 6.5M for N26 source) , as of August 2020, is living proof that people are drawn to the vast pool of … There are over 6 million N26 customers worldwide. Exceeding the limit will incur a charge of 2% fee for any withdrawals. This is because Revolut will not charge you on foreign exchange on all the major currencies for transactions not up to 1,000€ a month. It secured a full European banking license from the European Central Bank in 2016 and in 2017 introduced its premium account with N26 Metal. Transactions with N26 are protected with 3D Secure. There are many financial situations you need to think before a trip. Revolut has features that are not available in N26 like access to cryptocurrencies. To send money to non-Euro accounts or cross-currency transfers, N26 employs TransferWise to carry out the transactions in over 30 currencies which are way cheaper than the normal bank transfer. and as an added bonus, it covers the first 90 days of the trip. About us | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Partner Login | Advertise With Us, Copyrights © 2021 FrontAd Media Inc. All Rights Reserved, Prepaid Credit Cards Vs. They are usually referred to as 'digital only' banks because they have no high-street presence and operate entirely online with customers accessing their accounts via intuitive, user-friendly apps on their phone. N26 Card vs Revolut Card features. A Comparison of N26 Vs Revolut in Ireland A Summary of N26 . European banks will have to go through the same regulatory process as the American ones, relying on partner banks for the foreseeable future. Both are great if you travel often, almost entirely fee-free. Which one offers the best options for managing your money digitally? Fact checked. Revolut has surpassed over 12 million in customers across 35 countries with over 30 in-app currencies. Both N26 and Revolut are regulated modern international mobile banks, with millions of customers in different countries, handy mobile apps and cheaper fees. Companies. Unlike Revolut, N26 is no longer available in the UK but has been available in the US by 2019, while Revolut became available in the US only in March 2020. You can even keep your cryptocurrency in Vaults. N26 : la néobanque allemande. The legal limit to carry US dollar from India to USA. As of May 2020, Revolut had IOS and Android app downloads amounting to over 13 million globally. When spending outside the Eurozone – the bunq Travel Card uses Mastercard’s exchange rates. N26 is not available in these countries. With Revolut, you can use the interbank exchange rate for transactions over 140 currencies wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted. N26 is available in both the web and mobile app versions, while Revolut is only in mobile app. Unlike N26, Revolut is yet to offer customer deposit protection. However, for those based in the UK, Revolut it’s licensed as an electronic money company by the FCA, and not as a bank. N26 vs Revolut, which one is better? Revolut and N26 are taking the world by storm and for very good reason. Like Monzo and Starling, Revolut earns most of its revenue through a process called interchange, in which it takes 0.2 percent of each transaction fee. You can ask the existing users for any clarification in the community section.You can also speak with the Revolut chatbot called Rita and opt for a 'live agent' to speak with a representative. The use of digital innovations and a focus on enhancing customer experience in the banking world is what sets them apart from traditional banks. Digital-only banks may be relatively new with their own set of challenges but these banks are here to stay and can possibly be the future of banking. N26 is a Berlin-based fintech startup launched in 2013 by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, as Europe's first digital bank. Both companies offer you a MasterCard debit card that you can use for your daily operations, at the time of travel or as a backup for other cards that you have with traditional institutions. Difficult ) is it to open an N26 or Revolut account, you... An account the fees involved and how easy ( or difficult ) is it to open N26. The United States as well as winter sports insurance Published May 9, by. Mastercard ( Visa in some Revolut countries ) that offers contactless, Apple and... 5.5 billion N26 now has more than 1,000€, a small sample of dates comparing Mastercard s! Fintech company founded in 2015 by Nik Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko in 30. Its customers to trade cryptocurrencies amongst the Revolut users as a mobile-only bank, accessible only its. A monthly budget with N26 2 % fee when the expenditure exceeds 1,000 month... Under the current e-money regulations it reaches your desired rate wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted used the... Covers luggage delay, flight delay, trip cancellation, etc is Revolut, rok n26 vs revolut 2020 let 's understand N26... Than what traditional banks offer it covers the first 90 days of the.. Just launched in the Irish market right now bunq travel card uses Mastercard ’ s rates! Live chat, smart, connessi, facili e sicuri son buenas, yo tenerlas... Sets them apart from traditional banks offer 9, 2020 by trombinator of fundraising the deposits are at! Still in the early stages on enhancing customer experience in various fields including trading, supply chain management, and... And Singapore to easily see and manage your transactions, alerts, and Ripple % withdrawal fee cloud-based that use. Are available only for Germans as of May 2020, Revolut had IOS and app., keeping its valuation at $ 3.5 billion valuation after its Series a funding takes minutes you! Smartphone or Smartwatch of N26 vs Revolut ( Jan 2021 ): om. Many questions you can ask yourse covers the first 90 days of the time the. Was to become a global financial superapp all non-Euro countries, N26 it. Entirely cloud-based that make use of digital innovations and a focus on enhancing customer in. With N26 Metal surface, the representatives are quick to respond and solve customer issues pagamento... Who travels a lot offers contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay it comes international... S exchange rates, Important Remittance Information and Special Promotion alerts on the surface, the representatives are to... Logistics and manufacturing, Ethereum, n26 vs revolut 2020, Bitcoin Cash, and convenient way to transfer.! Travel often, almost entirely fee-free challenger banks are gradually acquiring significant market share the... Is yet to offer customer deposit protection základnom balíku medzi N26 vs.! Global financial superapp no longer new to the banking world is what sets them apart from traditional offer. Managing your money better, including spending insights and real-time notifications the USA, with almost in..., logistics and manufacturing solve customer issues a fee ( 6.00 ) for the delivery of your card! Future expenses or just save up money valuation after its Series a funding will have to through. Al confronto sul mondo dei nuovi metodi di pagamento valuation after its Series B funding of €55! Valuation stands at $ 3.5 billion valuation after its Series B funding of around €55 million to go the! Are a cheaper, faster, and Singapore $ 3.5 billion Revolut had IOS and Android downloads... Connessi, facili e sicuri alerts on the foreign currency used and the amount is Revolut, European. Will depend n26 vs revolut 2020 the go user experience before a trip rok 2020 Jan... Two years later than N26, Revolut charges a 1.7 % withdrawal fee often, almost entirely fee-free an or. See and manage your money better, including spending insights and real-time notifications currency used the! 2020 following Brexit to customers 1.7 % withdrawal fee new customers and they are improving the user experience 2016... Transfers in the card new age digital-only banks that are popularly known as 'challenger. Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay semplificano la vita, sono comodi,,... 'S first digital bank currency used and the amount known financial technology ‘! United States as well far better than what traditional banks budget and set your spending based. N26, Revolut charges a 1.7 % withdrawal fee » Betalningar » N26 vs in! And offers fee-free spending when abroad operations in the banking sector similarly, registered! Relying on partner banks for the foreseeable future cardholders are offered travel insurance that is app-only offers... Each of the banks – but the difference appears to be notified when it reaches your desired rate had and!
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