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The Royal Game of Ur: the famous race game played by the kings and queens of ancient Ur.

No-one knows how the game was played but many games historians have used various pieces of evidence to conjecture rules, most notably Irving Finkel, the inimitable British Museum games specialist who broke new ground by deciphering a cuneiform tablet with rules for the game from a later era. Gameplay. This game board is one of several with a similar layout found by Leonard Woolley in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. Watch the battle below! Bei Ausgrabungen auf dem königlichen Friedhof der sumerischen Stadt Ur im heutigen (Süd-)Irak fand der britische Archäologe Sir Charles Leonard Woolley in den 1920er-Jahren mehrere Spielbretter gleichartigen Aussehens. One of the copies from Ur is kept in the British Museum.