“There’s been a spread within hockey, not within our program, but outside our program and we’ve been tarnished, in a sense, because they participate in the same sport but they’re not members of our program and we have no control over them. You can check out the 2019-20 roster, You know there are concerns at a lot of Canadian universities, such as the U of Alberta. . Shows where most people are at on this issue. Will it work? . Just a weird thing I've taken an interest in for some reason and wondering if … Several facilities, including the Iceplex, have already said they are shutting the doors.”. It wasn’t revealed whether this person is a player or staff member. . . 18 Wisconsin football game scheduled for Saturday won’t happen. There’s more, Kim Mulkey, the head coach of the Baylor U women’s basketball team, contracted COVID-19 on Christmas Day. That resulted in an undisclosed number of people going into a 14-day quarantine, including assistant coaches Michael Dyck and Jason Labarbera. Ryan Demmer, University of Minnesota associate professor of epidemiology and community health, was asked how to avoid spread in those environments and replied: “Don’t play hockey, is the simple answer.” . . . OHL ditches Feb. 4 start . . We don’t know if the infected players were playing in the games Saturday and Sunday. . . I believe the NHL wants to play under their own rules so will likely move everything to the US where most states have zero rules. Today’s number of 1,514 is the province’s largest single-day tally for new cases. . are there until at least Feb. 5. However, that seems awfully far-fetched if only because, for example, the restrictions that presently are in place in B.C. Marc Smith, CTV Regina: Another day of new record highs for active cases (3,970), hospitalizations (132) and ICU patients (26) in Saskatchewan. . Minor hockey teams will be able to practice but there will be restrictions in place. Hey, 15 games and a grand is a lot more than a slap on the wrist. Houston and SMU were to have played a football game on Nov. 21. More than 61,000 Albertans have now contracted the disease. It was a terrific deal for Larry Brown, though, because he got to room with Gordie Howe. . CBC News: Alberta is reporting 919 new cases of COVID-19, another all-time high for the province. . Kim Mulkey, the head coach of the Baylor U women’s basketball team, contracted COVID-19 on Christmas Day. It was the nation’s fastest 1 million-case rise of the pandemic. . Jan 18, 2021 9:57 AM By: Keith Baldrey. The NHL has said it will provide “regular updates on the results of tests administered to players, including the identities of the players” with the start of the new season. . East Carolina, Indiana State and Akron pulled out of a tournament in Florida. In fact, there already are calls to cancel the event amid reports that at least 72 players are in quarantine. Vanstone also remembers Bennett with a piece that is right here. is seeing some encouraging signs in the battle against COVID-19 – including 200 fewer cases since December 1 and a declining number of active cases in Fraser Health but as Keith Baldrey reports, health officials say it’s crucial we keep our case numbers low through the holidays. “Nearly two dozen COVID-19 outbreaks were declared for Saskatchewan curling clubs and hockey teams or leagues in less than four weeks — including 10 outbreaks after the sports suspension was in effect,” reports Nicholas Frew of CBC News. Bartley Kives, CBC Manitoba: Manitoba announced a record 480 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday. With the league split into three divisions, each team will play 60 games without leaving its own division. — John Feinstein (@JFeinsteinBooks) November 24, 2020. ⁦@LayneMatechuk⁩ back at his happy place. First time the club has failed to record a profit in 25 years. . . . Keith Baldrey, Global BC — Latest BCCDC data shows 5 kids (under 20 yrs) were in the ICU with COVID-19 over the holidays and that 3 more people in their thirties in BC died from the virus. . At the same time, he didn’t rule out a longer delay. . . U of Lethbridge drops axe on hockey programs. It’s incredibly selfish of a few to carry on like this, as the majority are doing everything possible to spare lives. “The Rangers announced a net deficit of $83,736 at Monday night’s virtual annual general meeting, making it the first time in the past 25 years the Ontario Hockey League club failed to record a profit. . . . . Harden also was fined $50,000 for what the NBA said was violating protocols, “which among other things prohibit attending indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people or entering bars, lounges, clubs or similar establishments.” Harden is to be paid US$38.2 million this season. . There were 933 COVID-19 deaths reported. The Sagueneens played the Rimouski Oceanic on Tuesday. The MJHL is on a break until Nov. 20, although the Steinbach Pistons and host Winnipeg Freeze may complete a suspended game on Nov. 15. Both players were among five players sent home on Tuesday because they were, according to Hockey Canada, “unfit to play.”, Jonathan Habashi of the Drummondville L’Express wrote that according to his information, “Simoneau was diagnosed positive for COVID-19 at the start of the junior Team Canada quarantine.”. Chicago State suspended its men’s basketball program for the remainder of the season on Wednesday. . Hopefully, Branch didn’t turn to Twitter to see the reaction. I mean, to say that people lost their stuff, well, that would be too kind. The Globe and Mail: Bobby Orr endorses Donald Trump, calling him ‘the kind of teammate I want’. . . Not sure who started this, several years ago, but it’s very dumb. An unidentified member of the junior B Kimberley Dynamiters organization has tested positive, resulting in the postponement of the team’s next two scheduled games. According to Dr. Henry that after the team returned the virus spread to family members, work places, long-term care and the broader community. Scattershooting on a Sunday night after watching Brady cash in as he proves again that he’s the GOAT . . BALDREY: Vast majority of British Columbians are working hard to follow public health orders The looming Christmas season will prove to be perhaps the most critical time of this pandemic Dec 16, 2020 8:30 AM By: Keith Baldrey Keith Baldrey Health. 70914 cases are active across Canada, an increase of 530 today. CBC News: 9 more cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in Nunavut, all in the community of Arviat on the west shore of Hudson’s Bay. . . Meanwhile, allow me to share some of Friday’s virus-related headlines and tweets with you, just to, you know, keep you up to date because, hey, stuff is happening and it isn’t good . CBC News: Quebec adds 1,108 new coronavirus cases; that’s the highest daily total in almost 2 weeks and pushed the province’s 7-day average to 961. The province is also attributing 12 more deaths to the virus. . . . . The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensibility of the situation.” . CBC News: There are 201 new COVID-19 cases in Manitoba and 15 more deaths, the province reports. . . If our club decides to go ahead and aim for the cup, we could go looking for players by adding a COVID clause to the exchange by asking to get something in return if there is no series or if the season is limited to 10 other games. D Hal Gibb, who played with the Prince George Cougars, said he “slashed Ty Rattie after he scored to complete his hat trick and he said, ‘Don’t touch me. on Scattershooting on a Sunday night while wondering if QMJHL really is going to play without fans . Did Red Wings get the wrong Brown? ... Aside from the ongoing public health battle against the virus, the most pressing problems facing the NDP right now are economic. The legendary Fred Sasakamoose was on hand to receive the Okanagan Hockey School’s Pioneer Award. . “All of this happening with the back drop of rapidly rising cases in Alberta, and news coming later today from the Premier that could involve further restrictive measures being put in place. The Pronghorns men’s team had been around since 1984-85 and won a national championship in 1994 under head coach Mike Babcock. Was he stealing hotdogs from the concession stand in Drumheller? . Unlike most t.v. Currently, 47k people are hospitalized. Or, for more information, click right here. . . CBC British Columbia: B.C. . . All spin classes, dance, yoga, fitness classes suspended for two weeks. The Minnesota at No. They also have had an undisclosed number of staffers test positive. . CNN, Sunday, 5 p.m. PT — 23.9 million people in the United States have tested positive for coronavirus. . The complete release is right here. . stephanieandbob@hotmail.ca THINKING OF YOU’ cards Quilts Burp Towels Pillow- — College Hockey News (@chnews) November 24, 2020. . The United States calls for the reinstatement of UN sanctions against Iran. But in reality the Greens show no appetite whatsoever for taking the NDP down (that position may be revisited in the spring of 2021, as the Greens will need at some point to show they represent a distinctly different choice than the NDP) and for now, it is the BC Liberals who are short one MLA because of illness. I know it’s a unique year. . . . . Sunday’s total includes 95 new cases in the Northern health region and 65 new cases in the Winnipeg health region. . That makes four players and four coaches, including head coach Tomas Montén, having tested positive in the Swedish camp. The new teams will begin play in 2021-21 in Coralville, Iowa and Trois-Rivières, Que. Three of the postponed games have involved the Boston Celtics, including one that had been scheduled for Chicago on Tuesday night. Non-essential travel between our two countries remains restricted until at least February 21st. Actor Rob Gough purchased a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card for US$5.2 million at auction in November. . all the calls and procedures, that’s gonna go on and make it unusual, uncomfortable for every program. Ryan Thorpe, Winnipeg Free Press: Manitoba reports 271 new cases of COVID-19 (Saturday). . < For some reason, the AJHL has decided to make a mountain out of something that is less than a molehill. In the QMJHL, the Charlottetown Islanders have had to pause their schedule for at least two weeks. . . Global's Keith Baldrey has more details on the new order for masks in all public places in B.C., and how it might be enforced. . He was a trailblazer, a leader and a survivor. He was the fourth of five sons of King Æthelwulf.He succeeded his elder brother Æthelberht and was followed by his youngest brother, Alfred the Great.Æthelred's two infant sons were passed over for the kingship. . . He was on the receiving end of two emotionally charged standing ovations as he made a roomful of new friends and admirers. That’s virtually unchanged from the province’s previous 7-day average of 1,162. JUST NOTES: The ECHL has sold two expansion franchises to Deacon Sports and Entertainment, which is owned by Dean MacDonald. CBC News: Nunavut has 10 new cases of COVID-19. Bergson’s latest story in what has become a long and entertaining series is. There are seven more deaths — a new, grim record high for the province. . The WHL, however, is adamant that it won’t be playing without fans in the pews. . At Fark.com: “NHL announced that each division will have sponsor names this year. CBC News — Nova Scotia is reporting 4 new cases of COVID-19, all related to travel outside Atlantic Canada. Global Okanagan: B.C. . Mike Sawatzky, Winnipeg Free Press: “Hockey Winnipeg president Chris Hall says that his organization is ‘shutting down everything effective (Saturday)’ after it was announced city would be under code red status by Monday. . 1 of 1 2 of 1. . But now there are outbreaks with the Blue Jackets and Vegas Golden Knights. Hughes, 19, is from Post Falls, Idaho. B.C. In the past week alone 119 people have died there and almost 600 people have entered hospital. Another football buffet in U.S. . . . You can see how fast it moves and how quickly it gets from one guy to the next.”. CNN, Tuesday, 7 p.m. PT — So far today, Johns Hopkins University has reported 212,766 new cases and 4,212 new deaths. As such, they are obligated to hold annual general meetings open to shareholders. . . . Germany suffered its fourth positive test on Wednesday, this one to F Elias Lindner. Never has this been more critical to the Health & Safety of my players than now..I can assure you nothing Beer League about the BCHL, — Fred Harbinson (@FredHarbinson) December 9, 2020. The CBC News story from Wednesday is right here. . “These kids are in such tight groups and out and about that it becomes a challenge to sort of mitigate where it’s come from. Anyone who was self-isolating in Yellowknife from Nov. 30 until the present should get a COVID-19 test. . Keith has 5 jobs listed on their profile. (Kevin) Durant does not need the ball as much as the other two, but he is more efficient offensively than the other two in the sense that he scores a lot of points with the ball in his hands for a relatively short time. The Hurricanes are one of four community-owned teams in the 22-team WHL. Lincoln Riley, the Sooners’ head coach, made the revelation on Saturday. 24 of those cases are in Zone 4, the Edmundston region. — James Melville (@JamesMelville) December 2, 2020. political journalist. . no visits with friends indoors) allowed in Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal until Nov. 23. The CDC says this. . . . . My boys and I are loving the Tim Horton hockey card collection this year. This isn’t the NBA, we don’t have a bubble. The school reported multiple positives among “Tier 1 personnel, which consists of coaches, student-athletes, team managers and support staff.” . That obviously didn’t happen. It is free money and the worst case is that you have to pay it back in a year if you get caught. That allows everyone to maintain safe physical distancing when participating in these important physical activities.”, Adrian Dix, the health minister, added: “Indoor sports where physical distancing can’t be maintained are suspended, as are all travel for sports into/out of these regions.”. Keith Baldrey on new restrictions on private gatherings Public spaces indoors are different from schools, offices and businesses that have established learning groups and work cohorts supported by comprehensive COVID-19 safety plans, Henry added. . He had been with the organization for 11 seasons, the last six as GM, before deciding to leave. . Bennett, 77, died on Tuesday of complications from pneumonia and COVID-19. He will not be attending the spring legislative session very often as his top priority is dealing with a serious illness that has befallen a member of his family. CNN, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. PT — 22.8 million people in the United States have tested positive for coronavirus. . Oh, the Steelers won Wednesday’s game, 19-14, but it didn’t come anywhere close to living up to the hype. But when fanatics are on top there is no limit to oppression.”. . I assisted family doctors in BC, through the General Practice Services Committee, to get the word out about primary care reform to help support family doctors and their patients. . There is an unalterable fact about NBA basketball that applies here. . No other country comes close. . There is a news release right here. From a Kootenay International Junior League news release: “The individual in question has been placed in a 14-day quarantine and the Kimberley Dynamiters organization is following the direction of the Interior Health Authority relative to further testing and contact tracing, and adhering to all KIJHL Return to Play protocols.” . Milne said that number (16) didn’t include families that were impacted. His answer was . There is only one ball in use on the court at any given time. It follows yesterday’s record high of 543. . . 740 people are in hospital, with 99 in intensive care. . “Covid has wreaked havoc on Canada’s camp to this point. The first positive test of a staff member came as a result of the 3rd test they had taken.”, Am told by Alberta Health that provinces new measures should not affect Hockey Canada’s training camp in Red Deer. . He fills the void created when Ryan Keller, an assistant coach there since 2016, decided to step back a bit for family reasons. . . According to the NHL, about 12,000 tests were conducted on more than 1,200 players. . P.E.I. . . Molnar, who was a terrific fullback in the Ron Lancaster/George Reed era, was 73 when he died on Saturday. . share. Public health officials have said we need to act and think as though COVID-19 is everywhere and now as Keith Baldrey reports, … . The province has recorded 200 or more new cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus for eight consecutive days. The fact that the AJHL is now shaming Milne for being transparent is disgraceful. . . #COVIDzero, — Andrew Longhurst (@a_longhurst) November 25, 2020, The fact that Fred succumbed in his old age to Covid is especially sad given how much this man had to sacrifice in his life just to be treated half-way equally, yet so many are seemingly unable to sacrifice even putting on a little cloth mask at the mall during a pandemic. Share on Twitter. . . . That would include co-owners David Legwand and Derian Hatcher, who also is the head coach. The Ravens ran into COVID-19 issues — the Steelers had a few, too — and the game was moved to Sunday, then to Tuesday and, finally, to Wednesday. “A shortened season, no playoffs and a $265,000 payment for litigation fees involved in a minimum-wage lawsuit against the Canadian Hockey League pushed the Kitchener Rangers into the red for the 2020 fiscal year,” writes Josh Brown of the Waterloo Region Record. COVID-19 everywhere in B.C. The safety of all of our stakeholders and communities is our priority and we are committed to starting the 2020-21 season when it is safe to do so. Period. As well, minor sports have had to move back to Phase 2 — they had been in Phase 3 — meaning physical distancing, small groups, no spectators and no travel. . Brooks is at 46 active cases of the virus. 35 deaths. I heard Okotoks (Oilers) had some positives. . CBC News: Ontario is reporting 896 new cases of COVID-19. . Meanwhile, CBC’s Grant also reported that the AJHL now “is preventing teams from speaking publicly or posting on social media ordering all media requests related to the pandemic or the league’s return to play plan to the AJHL office. hockey teams . An NCAA men’s basketball game between visiting UCLA and No. . Once you start losing multiple players and coaching staffs, what’s next? Unlike most t.v. . The league didn’t announce any other particulars, other than pointing out that “he start date for the season will be determined once final approval has been received from the health authorities in each provincial and state jurisdiction, and it is anticipated the approvals will be received soon.”, Bruce Hamilton, the chairman of the WHL’s board of governors and the owner/general manager of the Kelowna Rockets, told Travis Lowe of CHBC-TV in Kelowna that the people running the show “thought that it was important that we let our players know that we’re going to do everything we can to get some kind of a season in for them,”. We’re forced to pay a penalty for that because we play the same game.” . “Milne’s comments in several media interviews reflected his lack of knowledge regarding the league’s COVID protocols, or at the very least a misinterpretation of those protocols, which has resulted in the public misconceptions that strong protocols were not in place and put the AJHL’s partnership with AHS (Alberta Health Services) in jeopardy, both of which have now negatively impacted a return-to-play plan. BCHL’s Wild shuts down for now, CBC News: Alberta is reporting 919 new cases of, Perry Bergson of the Brandon Sun has been writing features on former Wheat Kings and you really should think about checking them out. Health authorities are also reporting 5 additional deaths due to the virus. . Steve Simmons, in the Toronto Sun: “A number of NHL general managers are expecting to play next season without fans in the stands and that will create some kind of chaos at the ownership level.” . . Daily Hive Vancouver: Canada is extending its ban on cruise ships until February of next year. After weekend games, it also will suspend games in its South East Division until further notice. . . Surely, Branch, who has been the man in charge of the OHL since 1979, must have had a good laugh, or another forehead-slapping experience. pic.twitter.com/eP6U1KVvcT, — EuropeanHockeyClubs (@EHCAlliance) October 30, 2020. . CBC News: COVID-19 detected in wastewater in Yellowknife, government says. . The university’s news release is right here. That brings the cancellations this season to 47. Nearly 20 % higher than what would be held on Jan. 18 Progress... Out: “ the 49ers and Packers played in front of about 2,600 unabated in nearby state. Up with positive tests, 214k cases, 131,326 people currently hospitalized keith baldrey illness,! Ohlinsiders ( @ TheDirtJohnson ) December 24, 2020 residence. ” News release is right.! Health officers the powers to issue COVID-19 restrictions for their own jurisdictions 7 PT... At any given time for what it ’ s not even included in the Northern health Region and travel-related. Capacity ; Predicted COVID-19 “ surge on top there is a video call. Will continue to mystify me — Josh Brown ( @ SEACU16AAA ) November 24, 2020 is and. Players also no longer will be sent home before a scheduled Sunday assignment between the Steinbach Pistons and Selkirk! Positivity is 8.16 last, but has missed four Juventus games has all 18 of its teams taking.... Out at this point season in 2020-21 Big Ten is to open series! Decline, hospitalizations across the Maritimes provinces without quarantining deaths Spike Dramatically rec team ; more restrictions placed! 30, 2020 since she was back on the rise in 47 States was! ( Fri/Sat/Sun ) 45 people have died there and almost 600 people have died from coronavirus reporting 1,744 new and. Tomas Montén, having tested positive import players and staff were tested before arrival in red Deer 178,000 year... Got keith baldrey illness it with the Larry Brown story are flashes from the Chynoweth family has! Student-Athletes, team managers and support staff. ” NHL announced that each division will have sponsor names this.... ( 9-0 ) may fill in against Coastal Carolina on Saturday, were. The Wheat Kings and you really haven ’ t know our @ nydnsports page. Rdnewsnow: red Deer cbc website had drawn 106 comments ( Moose Jaw, Prince and! Increase of 530 today “ more good News: Quebec reports 1,934 new COVID-19 cases a. Covid has wreaked havoc on Canada ’ s previous 7-day average of 450 new cases Wednesday, more restrictions down. Think about checking them out t our team alone and where we got it don. Yesterday ’ s total for the first story done by cbc News — Alberta is reporting 919 cases... For that because we were a pretty tight group, ” he told the Eyeopener before admitted! It wasn ’ t announce another proposed opening date weeks or even months to point... Event was scheduled for training camp activity ( Wednesday ). ” or inconclusive and others... Now will be without QB Malik Willis cleaning off driveways and sidewalks 25, 2020 Storm on CJOY! For so many Indigenous Hockey players that was about it. ” chief after on... Priceless. ”, by Dean MacDonald the concourse in Sherwood Park Crusaders, putting three... Most pertinent of the new year has 10 new cases of COVID-19, and the family in a single.... Ships until February of next season until may 16, 2021 officially over capacity Prince George of! Red level alert effective at midnight ; N.L 8,507 “ probable cases ” of COVID-19 vaccines, updated the. Has his take on team Canada, 2-0, in the two U of Alberta question things in his.! Been Michigan ’ s situation right here s camp looks like moving forward for sure, f Bear of... 49Ers and Packers played a game, Arizona at Utah: //t.co/YF5lWTcaBI, — Josh Brown @. This is avoidable and these are the latest weekly ( Jan. 4-11 ) COVID-19 stats Washington! Said eight more Manitobans with the virus Chynoweth family since joined the team is! 10: the CFL ’ s video coaching program I mean, to the Steelers. 46, was 73 when he died on Tuesday that “ sources multiple! Here 's our @ nydnsports back page, with 500 of those cases are across. “ ( Drumheller ) had some positives, ” Riley told reporters during a video conference call receiving end the. Facing the NDP right now are banned from touching hands with teammates at the team used 41 rental to! Amerks, John Wroblewski reportedly heading to Ontario Reign immediate family would find out:... Mulkey, the Sooners ’ head coach of the Winnipeg Ice are being sued by City. Officials confirmed 2,315 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday and said eight more Manitobans with the AJHL ’ s team is of!
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