Collection of 'Creative Desk Organizers and Cool Desk Organizer Designs' to keep your desk organized. This lovely Danish oak desk tray, made from unfinished oak, is made up of three sliding tiers, into which you can store paperwork, office equipment or anything else you need to tuck away. Here is a great desk for preschool aged children. Made of natural beech wood by HAY, a manufacturer featured in MoMA's collection, it’s a fun and attractive way to add character to your desk. The CEO Creative is your place to get great business resources and items. Day in and day out, you see the same desk, computer screen, and stationery supplies. Not every addition to your desktop needs to be functional; some can be plain fun. Be the first to review “5-Piece Desk Accessories Set” Cancel reply. The best thing about DIY is choosing the colors you like to match your office theme and personality. Paper clips usually are one of the most mundane items you can find on an office desk. What's not to love about this iconic Braun classic, designed in 1986 under the direction of Dieter Rams? It is made using a single-piece approach, and there is no drawer or storage compartment. Its nine colour-coded tools include six Allen keys (2-6mm and 8mm), a Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, and a Torx drive bit. Inspired by your childhood Lego sets, the Brick Man is classic yellow, red, and blue on one side and transparent plastic on the other, to display its 16 organ and body parts (which are fully detachable). Bring order to your home office with World Market's unique desk accessories handpicked from around the globe. Especially helpful if time distracts you, or you don't want your office illuminated by a constant digital glow. Find out how by becoming a Patron. We love this handmade stapler from Ellepi with its angular design, crafted in nickel-plated steel. 9. If you can't get enough of design and minimalism, and like a desk to feel tidy and uncluttered, the following simple desk accessories will inspire. paint, supplies, desk, art, creative, design, flat lay, woodgrain, brush, canvas Public Domain. With the help of some cool desk accessories… From gilded pencil holders to modular accessory trays, these products spare no detail. It has space for week number, seven days and a little section at the bottom for additional reminders. As creatives, we’re super-sensitive to colour, so what better way to find the tool you’re looking for than this rainbow-themed multi-tool set from Kikkerland Design? 1 April 2019. colored pens, pencils, stickers, notepad. Visit My Modern Met Media. Check out the exclusive rewards, here. With the help of some cool desk accessories, you can transform an otherwise drab workspace into a place that complements your personality. Whatever desk that is, if you put these fun ideas there, you’ll surely find that your desk is a much more pleasing place to work on than anywhere else. They've imagined iconic artists and amazing scientists as five-inch-tall action figures. From desk organisers to designer toys, there's a range of goodies to peruse, so why not spoil yourself a little and make your desk the best it can be? Sometimes, you need a desk organiser that you can move around with you. Are you struggling to plan your life? Desk storage, file folder, and letter organizer These adorable caddy boxes are the perfect way to keep loose items on your desk organised and add a touch of colour to your workspace — a real retro delight. The Omega Desk by Atomare is one of the most appealing and creative designs on this list. Showing all 9 results ... Washington DC Website Design & WordPress Development by Creative Analytics — A WordPress Web Design Firm. Shillington's teachers and students all recognise beautiful design when they see it.... so read on and discover our 20 fave desk accessories for creative professionals. It works well with a standard No.3 ink pad (not included). As you approach it every morning, does its aesthetic charm fill you with delight, putting you in an uplifting mood for the day ahead? Elevate your desk décor with Anthropologie’s carefully curated collection of desk accessories. 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