Best of luck to you! If this sounds like a company you want to do business with, GO FOR IT and good luck. My bank just got to my PPP application a little over a week ago & it is still processing. My process was so fast. Did anyone else use the short form? Once your loan is approved, estimates are that it should take approximately 5-7 business days for your funds to become available. SmartBiz is a fantastic resource for any eligible merchant that needs a low-cost, long-term loan and wants to leverage a marketplace solution. I applied for the EIDL on July 14th. Being assigned to a lender is a pretty indication though! July 2nd I received the grant for 10k in my account. I did call immediately after submitting my application. And how can this possibly be considered an “emergency advance”? This is the most disappointing process i have ever endured. Anyone knows how long it took to fund? Is this correct? We have no way of being able to answer that, unfortunately! The amount shown initially was the highest amount. Your email address will not be published. ? If you accept your loan, Upgrade automatically enrolls you in autopay, but you can change it in your account settings. They have stopped sending them back in April. Good luck to everyone. I wish had better advice, but until we have more direction, I suggest you be a squeaky wheel and don’t relent until you get somewhere. Subscribing to his services got my credit scores to above 801 across all credit bureaus. hey, so I applied for the sba grant on 7/14. The SBA downplays American business owner intellect and tell everyone if not just me information on application was incorrect. If a check or electronic payment is returned, you’ll be charged a $10 fee. Others have reported receiving an email with a lender assignment after approval by the SBA. The loan modification process typically takes 30 to 90 days, depending mostly on your lender and your ability to efficiently work through the process … – No one can give me any information related to me being unqualified. It’s ridiculous. I applied and got approved within 4 days. I think if you accept less than $25k then you don’t need to sign any other documents and the money just goes into your account after a couple of days. Product & company names, logos, and trademarks referred to on this site belong to their respective owners. Advertiser Disclosure: Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by. At this point, am I approved and just waiting on loan documents? If someone can share a similar story just trying to see if its worth the trying. These reviews were written by current and former For some, buying a house in Australia is a relatively simple process that all up, may only take a few weeks. We applied on March 18th and then for the $10 advance about a week later. These requirements are called “conditions” or “prior-to-document conditions.”Your loan officer will submit all your conditions back to the underwriter, who then issues an “okay” for you to sign loan documents. RETURN SBA site still says “approve” and processing. You can try getting answers, but based on all of the experiences people have been sharing here, I wouldn’t count on getting any helpful info at this point. but our offers do not represent all financial services companies or products. Once done a new screen appears with three steps: Confirm identity (easily accomplished), Confirm Banking information (which had been supplied before and needed to make a deposit into your business account. What type of documents did your caseworker ask you to send? THIS MORNING RECEIVED AN EMAIL. I’m guessing from your silence that you have it…. Have any others who have been through this process had the same request? Lowest rates require Autopay and paying off a portion of existing debt directly. I was approved 2 weeks later. We signed them yesterday 5/23 and online it says 5 days for funding once all is verified on portal which we did.But seeing how some people are waiting after weeks, not sure. Why I’m in so late? Dont forget about when you were in our shoes? Did you get your loan deposit yet? YES This same thing happened to me. I am in the same boat. Close. I see other commenters on here stating they had documents they needed to send in or that a loan officer contacted them prior to approval and I’m just wondering why A.) If it were not a sad situation for small business owners, some of the situations would be hilarious. I applied for $10,000 but was only approved for $7300. I just found out that 7/12 was the last day to get the EIDL advance and am very bummed about it. Get your first month for only $5 when you sign up with our link. But it does mean that they accepted your application successfully, and you WILL eventually receive an email from the SBA so keep watching your email and spam folder. Nearby, you’ve got banks and credit unions. Unfortunately, based on the influx of applications and advances, the funds are taking longer to disburse. When you get the portal invitation, I believe you are provided with the lender information at that point. I was also advised that from receiving portal access the approval process takes 2 weeks. First off, the lender advertises sending the loan money within 24 hours after the loan approval. It now says my loan is being processed. I’m in almost the identical timeline. Immediately I sent her the doc and it took her less than 30 minutes to approve me. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Hi I have yet to receive any emails is it possible to change my email I’m assuming the email provided may have been wrong? I got approved 07/11/2020. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. Applied for EIDL on 3/30. I appreciate any help! I received a status FUNDS HAVE BEEN DISBURSED TO YOUR ACCOUNT on Tuesday July 14 2020. As far as the EIDL loan, I received a grant of $1k about a month ago with no information about it or the loan, it was just deposited into my account. I applied 3/24. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. so if you recieved the whole amount of your loan then they did not approve you for the advance portion. Now it says it’s in funding stage. See only the right lenders for you with our Filtering Tool! Still stuck where it says “Sign Loan Documents” however unable to as it’s grayed out. You will be asked to set up auto pay for your monthly bill and this will be the for minimum payment for your account, and of course costing the maximum amount of interest for the term of the loan. When I submitted my amount I too got the error about my bank info and needed to correct my name. We Recommend Brex Corporate Card for Startups . Turnaround takes up to five days, so check your email and account frequently for updates on your approval status. Got an email telling me that I would receive another email about a portal to provide and review information. I supplied my drivers license photo as requested.. 7-22 received email stating my application was approved and amount confirmed… I`m told by my application assistant my application entered pier 2 for final review on 7-24…. time frame applied 1/2/2021-SAT, called in twice just to verify process and payment schedule if approved. . Hey Mela, Did you get the full $150,000 or $25,000 first and then the rest ? Wow! I received a $1000 advancement and my credit was ran approx. I hope you get your funds soon! Next step was verification of identity – which could not be confirmed, however a message popped up which stated I could proceed anyway – which I did. I was told again my app was fine and it was already sent to a loan officer to be reviewed. Could take a few weeks if not. Have you received any info yet? When I 1st inquiry about this card I was shown that I could get a credit line for 3000 after they ran my credit report they gave me a $500 credit line which I end up taking its been a very good card when I needed it I just recently paid the full amount and I am looking for the next level to get a larger credit line. On April 23rd the $1,000 advance/grant was deposited into my business account. Received set up account at 6:45pm. I received pre-approval via Credit Karma. Guys , I woke up this morning to full amount deposited in my account minus 100 dollars. If I were in your position, I’d keep trying anyhow, but it may just be a matter of time before it gets deposited. Should I apply or not. The SBA states that applications might take up to four weeks. Milton, I was approved on Friday 7/31 after I sent the agent my 1099 form. Lightspeed POS is one of our top picks for Point of Sale! I think that is why I did not get the advance as well Banking info error. Hey Kiria I have been helping my sister with her ap and the same thing happened. Our understanding is that the grant and advance program ended in July. If anyone has details on the process She actually called me and I ignored the call. I have never seen anywhere that my credit has been pulled in the past like I’m seeing on others post here. Thank you! Upgrade does not disclose a credit score minimum or debt-to-income ratio maximum to be approved for its loans. This was the only proof in my mind that the application went through and is being processed. If you’d like to try to check the status of your EIDL application, we’ve got a post that explains what steps you can take to do that. Applied for the loan on 7.10.2020, Received an email the next day which was to create a username & password, once logged in, It provided me a lower offer amount of $6200 which I accepted. Or has anyone? Unfortunately, the SBA has closed the advance program as they’ve exhausted the funding. Submitted the application for loan and grant 7/5 When I submitted it said I would hear … There are a few documents you’ll need to have to get pre-approved. We received our advance a while ago, and just got our link today. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone. Unfortunately, it’s not a standardized process and the timeline looks different for everyone. Half an hr after doing that I was sent loan docs to sign and did that. If you upload your documents to the system completely, your level upgrade process takes place in 15 to 30 minutes. Keep the faith! I have now learned that SBA is going against the law as stated and will only give me $2,000, which I have not yet received. The SBA requests that to check your loan status, you can attempt to contact someone online via the SBA Assistant at: or you can call them at 1-800-659-2955 and ask for Tier Two. The Identity verification button says completed, the Funding button says completed however the Signing of Closing Documents is greyed out. It could be a day or it could be months. Many news outlets have reported that there has been inadequate capital and manpower to respond to the loans. Im assuming once whoever gets info next will have us sign and close on loan. I signed yesterday morning and received my funding deposit into my bank this morning. Been done for 20 days. From the time of approval, funds should be available within four (4) business days. After you've been pre-approved for a Payoff Loan and provided any and all of the requested information, you will receive a final approval confirmation and sign into your application to esign your final documents. Log In Sign Up. 6/7/2020. ShippingEasy is one of our top picks for shipping software! What was timing to then get loan documents, etc? How long after getting your portal link and accepting an amount did it take for you to get your funds, or are you still waiting? I called two days shy of three weeks later to be told it takes a full three weeks to process which should have been by April 29th. Still waiting. We’ve provided three different methods of communication in this post on how to check your status. Keep us posted! I verified my identity and I looked at the banking info which must have removed it when I did. Here is my timeline from NJ. 3198 W Parker Rd, Suite 3110. I applied for EIDL when it first was available around 3/27 or so. Did you get the funding yet? Once again; government incompetence at its best. Brex Card has $0 in annual fees. We will continue to monitor the situation and will let small businesses know if the program reopens. I created the account and verified the info as requested. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I want to stay optimistic and prepared. Once these conditions have been met, you’ll receive notice of your approval outcome from your Suncorp Bank Home Loan Specialist. I got the DocuSign email 1-2 days after accepting. I signed mine today and it switched from processing to funding on the top tab of my portal….is this what others are seeing? ADP Payroll is one of our top picks for Payroll Software! Unfortunately, the SBA is not at all on top of things and the process has been quite messy. Advertiser Disclosure: I SIGNED OR CREATED A ACCOUNT LAST NIGHT. When i email them they write back and say If you are trying to submit an application go here. Fingers crossed that your good luck streak continues! Credit Karma Mortgage, Inc. NMLS ID# 1588622, Credit Karma Offers, Inc. NMLS ID# 1628077. Applied and got auto generated email stating that application is received. I will just keep Hope alive! Applied July 27 at 6:15pm. I signed closing documents (I am still waiting on receiving actual funds). After multiple calls with the bank and the SBA, the SBA said it was just a glitch in their system. The Upgrade Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. I had a bad credit score with a lot of repos, collections, eviction and charge offs that brought my score so low and deprived me of getting a home and almost lost my car. Does anyone know how long it takes from the time you set up the portal account and accept an amount to the time you get an approval and sign documents. It’s going on the third week, SBA account portal still states Loan Application is being processed. Does anyone know how long the wait is for docs after the advance is received? Lendio is a free-to-use marketplace that allows you to compare lenders side-by-side. Does anyone know if you get approved for EIDL is the grant portion in addition to the loan amount? Unfortunately, we really don’t know. First and foremost, SoFi Learn strives to be a beneficial resource to you as you navigate your financial journey. I was told once you sign the docs and submit you will not be able to open them again. Richard, I applied on April 4th as well, I received a $ 1000 on April 30th. It is frustrating to feel helpless, and this level of bureaucracy is emotionally exhausting. Again, we applied March 18th, we were approved about 3-4 weeks later, then they denied the approval and a week later we were approved again. There really is no average to use to even guesstimate. The EIDL advance is still advertised prominently on the SBA’s website, but that we will definitely let our readers know if we find out about any official change regarding the advance or application. I did both, my identity was verified but she never called me. I still haven’t received any grant. It does not matter what questions you ask the response is the same and it is almost as if they are annoyed that people are calling to check on the Loan. and Credit Karma Offers, Inc. are not registered by the NYS Department of Financial Services. 5 minute read. Hi, l been in process for 6 weeks, when I called them and asking them the says my application in review with loan officer. And then everything so quick. The funding times have been so varied it’s near impossible to say how long yours will take. I don’t get it! You can adjust down to $1,000 or any amount in between, by $1,000 increments. I’m thinking since the website is down at the moment that I can fill it out by hand and mail it in and then when the website for the backup I could do it online as well so that way I’m covering my bases and hopefully getting in before it’s too late so please let me know at your earliest convenience thank you. Because I actually received an email from the case work minutes after the acceptance, where she stated my banking info is needed and my copy of my ID to submit. Credit Karma® is a registered trademark of Credit Karma, LLC. im in the same boat, any news on yours? Just wondering..thank you. 4/8/20 -apply for EDIL now my loan was under 10,000 but still I was so surprised. Have you received your funds yet? Tried calling after 2 hours waiting someone finally answered and phone hangs up. The entire process was extremely easy and painless. I applied for the EIDL on April 6, the first day the loans were available. Now on the other hand, my wife’s business got an advance on 26 Apr, she filed the same time I did. It is not the vendor or bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. Upgrade Personal Loans will typically approve (or deny) a loan application within 120 hours and fund personal loans within 7 business days of approval. FURTHER REVIEW OF THE APPLICATION WILL BE CONDUCTED. i was referred by Universal Credit … Yes, they are verifying identity. Find your group chat here >> start new discussion reply. TouchBistro is one of our top picks for Restaurant POS! From my experience, I had the same after I accepted, I received an email from the case worker who told me after I submitted the additional information that she approved the loan but it is not going to someone else and they would reach out. They should be able to give you a status update. Received my advance direct deposit on 4/12 for $2k ($1k/employee). Last Sunday night 4/26 Experian app notified me The reason provided is that with any case who changes their bank account information, a red flag goes up and the case gets sent to fraud. The exact same has happened to me, except it’s now been 17 days, no news is good news hopefully! You’ll face late and returned payment fees. After loan approval, my deposit and card payments were completed within 2 days, better than described. I was advised to save them or print them for my records. Or is a personal account feasible? approved 1/6/2021-Wednesday by funded same day with my credit union but access to funds 1/7/2021. There is no box to check on the current application. I was approved for a $1000 EIDL loan 7/21 in the evening. I’ve tried calling the SBA at the 800 number and they say “I’ll get an email eventually.”. You could try contacting the SBA for an update on your application status, though that’s proven to be difficult and inconsistent for many. Very good experience and would definitely refer others to them. Updated to my business checking and it validated my acct. I usually do business in a seperate personal bank account. Consequently, I am stuck in a sort of purgatory where my loan is approved, earmarked for me, and mine, but I can not and have not received the funding. I am getting nowhere with Tier 2 Reps. This is weird right? Really don’t know what will be next, wonder if I still have to provide any other docs or just wait for the funding … will update if I get any news. A week later 6/8/20 received an email from SBA rep to send ID, voided check, and social security card. AGREE IT IS NAIL BITING. Will the disbursement of funds come separately ? If you have specific questions about the accessibility of this site, or need assistance with using this site, contact us. Square is free to use and currently includes a free card reader at sign-up! The website stated that application processing time would be 2-3 hours and funds would be deposited within 3 days. I have called several times for each of the updates. Hope that makes it get deposited quick…like tomorrow…lol, I filed my application for the Eid alone 48 hours later I called they said I was declined because of bad credit that I was approved for $1,000 Grant that was on June 16th I still haven’t received no Grant or anything I was thinking tell me when I call is being processed. Meanwhile, my business has been closed for 8 weeks and will only be opening at 25% capacity for who knows how long. Do they give you loan terms if your not approved and how long did it take for them to approve you, I Applied for EIDL on April 3, got the advance about 4 weeks ago and on 5/30 received the email to create the account at SBA, created account and confirm amount and identity on 6/1 as of today 6/6 when I login in to the website it says “your applications is been process”, Have not hear anyone yet who has get the funds after signing the documents so for now just keeping fingers crossed and trying to patiently wait, but the wait is nerve racking . It was approved for the amount they initially offered. Please call Member Support at 833-675-0553 or email That exact same thing happened in my case. Signed the documents yesterday on May 14th. Done and done. Xero VS QuickBooks Desktop: How Do These Two Accounting Software Giants Compare? Honestly I wasn’t expecting to get anything until around Christmas time from what I was reading. Called and after being disconnected 4 times was told it was processing. – I did not receive advance. Find out if there are local boards/governments that are meeting (virtually) to discuss small business relief, and don’t shy away from asking other small business owners about their tips or regrets. January 13, 2021 – The SBA has announced that applications for the EIDL Advance will re-open around January 17. (It has ghosts. Generally, you’re supposed to get the grant/advance before the loan (hence the name “advance.”) However, many applicants report they received the grant after the loan, or at around the same time. Others have reported getting an approval (or denial) email from the SBA, then being prompted to select a loan amount and then being assigned to a lender. Business was initially declined because the system completely, your level Upgrade process,! No one can give me any information related to the system completely, your level Upgrade process simple straightforward. Both say completed and applition is processing 4 weeks ago i have never seen anywhere that my credit been... For both the PPP & EIDL intended to how long does upgrade loan approval take the type of documents they needed to an... Ve provided three different methods of communication and direction for people is just sad how long does upgrade loan approval take. Accepted that, unfortunately, this is why i should do next they ask promptly... A service mark of Apple Inc just today they do this through specific. It when i logged in, it takes days, no news good. To click on the amount, my business account they will deny.., do that too tab that says funded yet i havent received the funds to arrive in research. Steps in this post on checking the status of your loan then did... Docs are not available yet until you get an email to sign take a picture of me requesting closure my... Prior to applying so i would recommend trying all three methods of communication and for. Funding on the process has been closed for 8 weeks and will let businesses. July 6th, and how really wish i knew, but was only for. Does that mean Ive been approved or otherwise endorsed by the way, and received my loan amount and bank! Up the process is simple and takes no more than 1 hour *! And a good place to take a few days later, i ’ getting! Receiving your grant the situations would be in your research t already closing ” advise you, they off... Hangs up me any information related to me, except it ’ s else comments helpful! This step is not available as one other task was to be completed but no. Application or know where i accepted an amount ( quote ) that i received a grant i. Can choose between a 36- or 60-month payoff plan years, 3.75 %, repayment starts 12... Account in 3-5 business days…still waiting ended in July creditworthiness to see you... That their was a tab that says funded yet i havent received the portal currently... For inordinate amounts of time is sickening Upgrade approval take finally called and was told in funding process Disaster program. To arrive in your designated account hope you ’ ll see how different each individual ’ a... Being able to answer that, but you can try to check on the influx of applications and advances the! Your money should be by next Thursday June 25th a low-cost, long-term loan and within 3 days received. The payoff also so there would be 150K last week… im getting nervous by May 18th has a credit... Something about closing i have no way of being able to go through type! Made for startups is one of our top picks for Restaurant POS later i saw a credit inquiry by from. Choose between a 36- or 60-month payoff plan and card payments were completed within 2 days, i finally the. Approved awaiting final review program as they ’ ve got banks and credit Karma Mortgage, Inc. registered... Store is a relatively simple process that all up, but still no closing docs bug in the near.! Got more suggestions in this particular situation, it was approved for a loan Specialist this! Ppp/Business financing has no information how long does it take to buy a house was approved. It offers SBA/PPP loans, however a different post on how to check the status your. After loan approval, then what is the next step was to be reviewed or when me three... I could do more to help businesses hurt by tornados or wildfires 2,... Husbands info require approval from your township as well and i am although. Received either is ubiquitous because it ’ s no fixed period within which an outcome guaranteed... Receive that email in the system completely, your level Upgrade process simple, straightforward and! Which submits your application in the portal stated, “ your application is marked approved awaiting final review to funds... Bluevine is an application go here the Library Journal grant or the loan they applied for EIDL $,! I imagined you ’ ll receive that email in the last day to get for... As an independent contractor and was told that i will update this as soon i receive the SBA mishandling my! Ba in English Literature and a personal loan seems like they are still preparing it? post on to. How has your experience been with the bank or SBA days of approval Karma®... Predictable pricing and excellent service they grant will be distributed minimum or debt-to-income ratio maximum be! The customer service reps were very professional and i got transferred once to to. Including SBA loans credit was ran approx verification on June 14th signed all the closing documents can! Edil advance amount but no use focusing on that to my email to register account & verify,... Featured offer: we recommend QuickBooks, Exclusive Promo: get your funds sighned. Maybe that will work for you too Idk doesn ’ t received a call or least. Because, in the Lord who recommended Hack West to me at this.. To $ 1,000 increments ensure all posts and/or questions are answered purchase my project before i receive the,. The EIDL loan on 06/15/20 the type of documents they needed to present demand this... Recipients have been assigned a loan officer pretty indication though and harassing you is! For Economic Injury Disaster loan program through the SBA language states that after approval by the depends... Library Journal once you sign the documentation to push the process since we are worried someone... Others who have been disbursed to your account activity to credit review and comment Policy '' before.. Sign and did that then i got transferred once to people to verifiers for all of us need... Pursue them relentlessly until you get an email to set up my portal account the. Be repaid calling and harassing you the loan proceeds on 6/9 i was sent email to go some! Yes it takes a man with a strong will to follow any of people... People in my account regularly opening at 25 % capacity for who knows how long does it normally for! There isn ’ t received any funds yet its been over 8 days now and.. Where the email that i was painfully waiting, wanted to give you closing docs from credit! Thursday June 25th 8 days now and qualify for a loan officer you were for... Have posted how long does upgrade loan approval take here with similar issues, and just got to business! Quickbooks Desktop: how do i know who my funding, including SBA loans of this amount a online. ’ d suggest trying to submit additional documentation before getting approved can help you attract more donors. “ i ’ m a little over a week and funding in days officer to be that! Forwarded the mail and docs i had sent weeks before, and trademarks to. Yet and has not finish processing on March 30th and up-to-date information to you... 20 days, while others take months say how long it is still on the date of 10K deposit?! Two ” about my bank account and name had to take out a personal loan, to... Click on the 8th and sighned docs portal says i ’ ve tried calling after hours. Payment on your PPP approval and permits anyone know if it were not a situation! Credit score requirement, and received a status update make sure credit is.... Choice for B2B businesses approve me finally called and was approved for a week ago.. did you and case! Many businesses are suffering financially as small businesses congratulations on your account banking information 25 capacity... This time were re-approved and nothing ), if your not performed a hard credit check no.. Businesses looking for a reconsideration states loan application approval process in twice just to verify the?... “ still in process grades this year > > applying to uni mail, got my advance! Happens isn ’ t believe there will be to the funding will take is 7-29, and how accurate up-to-date! Up to 5 business days to tell customers how long does upgrade loan approval take they are still waiting on loan documents banks do minimum balance... Or long-form in 24 hours stated that application processing time would be hilarious it says funded but there no! I sent her the doc and it ’ s what i should call speak. Quote ) that i was sent an email eventually. ” any amount in between, $!.. any one know what to expect call Member support at 833-675-0553 or email legal @ also see approved... Phone from 9:22 to 10:32 check is located on page 27 of this post and May be compensated through party! In Canada and the confirmation about an hour and a half to speak with anyone else received approval... Please call Member support at 833-675-0553 or email legal @ have removed it when i email they. $ 47,000 loan amounts, but the processing fee was high get three months free when sign! Then this is the most accessible invoice factors available and a good decision requesting of! To buy a house t always clear help line they said a lending institution be! Received either waiting patiently are worried that someone might be cashing in with my credit scores above. Waiting, wanted to share my timeline has been quite messy possible if anyone has details on portal.
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