Togo Withdraws from African Cup of Nations They may have been in prime position to be the sentimental favorites at the African Cup of Nations, but three dead after Angolan rebels peppered their team bus with machine gun fire, Togo is pulling out of the competition … and encouraging other teams to do the same.

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Worst Soccer Bet Ever (in Theory)

click In-game betting can be dangerous … as one college student learned during an African Cup of Nations match between Angola and Mali. Angola was up 4-0 when the student bet his entire £4,400 education loan on Angola holding on for the win. Had they been successful, he woulda won £44 via Betfair. Alas, the Mali-ans pulled off a miracle at the last second to draw.

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source url UPDATE: James in Dundee (aka @jambizzle) tweets in to say this story is not accurate:

source link This was outed as a joke between the Original poser (bettor) and a friend. No bet was made.