USA vs. Mexico: The Legend Continues


Coverage starts at 4:00pm EST on Telemundo, mun2, and Futbol de Primera Radio for USA vs Mexico World Cup Qualifying match. Plan accordingly.

Side note: First time in history ESPN will be doing a live 30-min pre-game show (3:30pm EST) for a soccer match not airing on its network. Interest.

USA vs. Costa Rica: Urine Luck!

Excited about tonight’s game … not only is Costa Rica one of the few teams in CONCACAF that can pose a challenge to the United States, but I’ve also been getting some unusual messages from historically soccer knowledgeable @OliverTse about what the American’s really might face:

Prop bet idea: over/under on the # of urine bags tossed by CR fans at US player when US takes 1st corner kick.

Costa Rica vs USA World Cup soccer qual Wed 6/3 at 7pm PT ESPN. US has never won at Estadio Saprissa, where CR fans toss urine at opponents

Late change: Costa Rica vs USA world cup qualifying soccer will air on ESPN2 instead of ESPN. Pre-game 9:30pm ET, Kickoff 10pm ET

More on the game and the Philadelphia Eagle-ish Tico fans here.

What’s in a Name?

So I’m kinda-sorta getting into the CONCACAF Champions League — currently watching Marathon vs. DC United … but the game before it …

Joe Public vs. CD Olimpia? What kinda name is Joe Public? (They might be my new favorite Trinidad & Tobagoen team.) Seriously, I know I am just learning this game here … but even with a Google search, had they not recently bounced the New England Revolution out of Liga Campeones, I would think they are either an Oregonian soccer team or “new jack swing” band from upstate New York.