The Weekly Dump – January 11th


Soccer in the snow as Everton took on Arsenal at the Emirates stadium (Reuters)

English Premier League scrap all but two matches due to snow – So much for those tough souls playing in the EPL as all but two matches were postponed due to a little cold and snow. Still an important weekend as those two matches included both Manchester United and the Gooners who were looking to catch Chelsea atop the table. Both sides spit the bit when given the chance with draws for each. Arsenal were lucky to get that single point and ManU was awarded a sketchy goal.

The EPL is now defending their postponement decision – Rescheduling will be difficult around Champs League, Euro League, FA Cup, and preparations for that little tournament in South Africa in a few months.

England/Spain battle on the poker tableSoccer Football legends Teddy Sheringham (Manchester United, Tottenham, etc) and Poli Rincon (Real Madrid) faced off this week at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas. Sheringham has shown some decent results and Rincon is just starting his new hobby. Neither legend was able to do much and both were knocked out on the first day.

“First off, let’s get this straight – we’re talking about ‘football’ here, the non-US version. For our US readers, this is a post about ‘soccer’. Now that’s out of the way, here’s the point: two legends of European football are sharing the same table today, and it’s an England v Spain clash.”

Ivory Coast also hates Chelsea, Drogba overworked – Ivory Coast coach Vahid Halilhodzi is unhappy with the current workload of Chelsea beast Didier Drogba ahead of their upcoming appearance in the Africa Nations Cup. In other news, the Ivory Coast GNP is less than a cozy dinner with Roman Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich pays for his friends – Subtle segue for Mr. Abramovich who spent an Ivory Coast fortune on a little New Year’s Eve party with Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, and Gwen Steffani.

Freddy Adu goes Greek – After some speculation, Freddy Adu finally shot down EPL bottom dwellers Hull City to sign with Greek Super League club Aris. As with all things these days, Adu made the announcment via his Twitter account.

“alright guys done deal. Signed a 18month loan deal with Aris FC. Alot of thought and research went into this. Thanks for the support.”

Togo soccer team involved in shooting – The horrible soccer news of the week. The team bus and escorts were attacked by rebels in Angola with 3 dead when everything was done. It made perfect sense when the team decided to return to their country after the incident, the shocking part is that the Confederation of African Football is considering sanctions against the team for leaving the competition. CAF is also making Ghana travel to a dangerous part of the country, dress in their kits, and have the match kicked off even though Togo is already disqualified from the tournament.

Blame It On the Drogba, Yeah, Yeah!



Or at least that’s what former Blues coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is doing regarding his sacking from Chelsea. Big Phil feels his demise came about because Didier Drogba, along with Petr Cech and Michael Ballack, failed to show the Brazilian any respect as a head coach.


“The people sacked are always the coaches. The main players already know this. That was my problem at Chelsea. Drogba, Ballack and Cech did not accept my training methods or my demands.”

Awwww, does Big Phil need a hug?