Gigglesoccer Hotel

As you may or may not know, I don’t get Setanta here in Las Vegas. Sure, I see some of their games in the casino, but it’s never with sound, so I don’t get to see/hear much of what supposedly makes this channel so far superior to FSC. With that said, I’m not so sure what to think of this show — Special 1 TV, formerly “I’m on Setanta”. I’m pretty sure it’s awesome, but might not be well-educated enough by Fox to fully get the idiosyncrasies of Sven Eriksson, Wayne Rooney, Jose Mourinho, and Alex Ferguson puppets:

Thanks, Steve in LA, for the tip-off!

Fox Trumps ESPN

ESPN just lost the rights for Champions League games in the US to FSC. Frankly there are pros and cons to this development.  With the increased revenue FSC will definitely improve their coverage of the sport.  On ESPN’s side this may force the largest sports channel in the US to focus more on the MLS to fill the soccer hole that now exists in their lineup.  ESPN cannot ignore the growing Hispanic audience in this country and not have soccer somehow on its channel.  Strangely enough ESPN lost out on a bid to televise games in England itself not too long ago.  Wonder if Rupert is putting a full court press on the Bristol outfit.