Italian Soccer Leagued Renamed for Online Gambling Site

serie_bwinAhh, like to see it …

Italy’s Serie B has been renamed for their title sponsor, and now will be known as Serie Bwin.

It’s a two-year deal according to Reuters. This comes after an operational split between Italy’s second-tier professional football league and Serie A.

Below is a list from Wikipedia of who will be in Serie B, er, Serie bwin, for 2010-2011:

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Fix in with Palmeiras?

That’s what it looked like … they got a PK against Guarani … and two players fought over who got to take it. Forget the names … but the guy who got to take the kick … missed it. Looked like a forced miss to me.

Reminds me of Dennis Lundy fumbling twice in a row at the goal line at Northwestern (before it was discovered he was shaving points).

UPDATE: Marquinhos. That’s who missed the shot.