Because the War Never Ended

South Korea beats North Korea with a goal in the 87th minute, and the head coach of North Korea gets sent off. North Korea = the borderline retarded cousin who is 100 percent a paranoid schizophrenic one has to deal with at family funerals.  It’s uncomfortable and highly embarrassing, but when they fall on their face soooooo rewarding.  And yes I was awake at five in the morning to watch the game.  Two players sent off with injuries.

I Hate International Breaks

There exists within the confines of the Soccerati offices a long simmering and divisive issue.  It is an issue that has resulted in fisticuffs, lewd questioning of one’s parentage, and once the kidnapping of a beloved pet (never let it be said that Soccerati is a mature institution ).  I have never admired the format of international breaks during a season.  I find it disrupts the dramatic narrative of a season, and imposes undue pressures on clubs who are in a relegation or title battle.  The only reason I find myself paying attention to any of the results is to scan the injury lists and pray no Liverpool player has sustained a knock or worse.  Quite frankly there are too many games spread out over an unjust period of time.  Eventually the qualification process has to become more efficient.  I would rather see the qualifying process be compacted to the summer before a major international tournament. Friendlies could be played out during the first half of a season so as to give national managers time to organize an effective squad.  Spreading the process out over months only endangers both club and country. 

P.S.  Yossi Benyaoun injured his calf playing against Greece.  Peter Crouch almost suffered a leg injury that could have kept him out for an extended period of time.  Both players’ clubs are in tight relegation and league title fights.

P.P.S. Emile Heskey injures his calf against Slovakia. Aston Villa loses a key cog in their race to secure a Champions League spot.