RE: USA vs. Mexico Ack! So ESPN does a 30-minute preview special (cool) … but I can’t find the game itself on TV. I am up in the Pacific Northwest, with some not-so-soccery friends who don’t have Fox Soccer Channel or Setanta … and the cable here doesn’t carry Telemundo, let alone Telemundo 2. WTF!?

conocer una mujer por internet (And some Americans wanna stop the influx of Mexicans into this country? I don’t get it!)

follow site Anyhow, I have found a live stream online in two places — both watch en Espanol however. Let me know if there’s a place I can find it in English.

köpa Viagra alanya Currently watching one of the biggest games in my (short) soccer life here:

go And I also found the same thing, with just about every other game, too, via the Japanese here:

sites rencontres efficaces Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the game from one of mi amigas who is there right now:


photo: Lesley Tellez UPDATE: Marc in New York writes in with more:

go “When all else fails,