For the New Guy

As a follow up to the post by DA Hasselbaink (love the reference to Jimmy Floyd ), Pele not only took shots at Ronaldo and Robinho, but in the same speech also took a shot at Diego Maradona.  Pele  basically referenced Diego’s drug use over the year. Now the Argy Bargy starts with Maradona accusing Pele of having lost his virginity to a man.  Interestingly this is the second time Maradona has issued such a claim on Pele’s sexuality.  Frankly I love it when legends start acting like twelve year old schoolgirls.  I smell a catfight.

Oh No Pele Didn’t!

_38107506_ronaldo_pele_ap3003“First this Brazilian soccer phenom goes on television, lies and retracts it, and now Eric’s secretary is in a coma.”

Well, not exactly, but at a private function in Sao Paulo, the legendary Pele apparently did call fellow Brazilian footballers Ronaldo and Robinho uhhh…coke heads. But now the former New York Cosmos forward denies the incident ever occurred.

Very sneaky, Pele, very sneaky (God, I have to stop with the Adam Sandler movie references).

Here’s the full story from