Observations from the Weekend

1. During one of the Saturday morning games on Setanta (can’t recall which one), toward the end of the game the commentator awarded the FullTiltPoker.COM man of the match.  Given Danieldinho’s other endeavors, I figured he might know something about this.  To my understanding, that’s taboo in the USA, but Setanta lost (nearly) all of their contracts for BPL games except in the USA.  Was it an error in broadcasting the Irish feed, or have the rules become lax, or does no one care about a tiny rugby channel in the 600’s on satellite?  And who actually gets in trouble?

2. Obviously, I’m thrilled with the Derby result, all the more because of the (very) late stab in the back of Craig Bellamy.  And though I acknowledge that the clock said 95:28 when justice was served Owen scored, well beyond the advertised 4 minutes, I have always heard/read/known that the officials add one minute per goal scored and 30 seconds per substitute during the stoppage time.  While I’m certain that this is not a published rule or policy, it’s been around for a while to eliminate guesswork and make things somewhat uniform.  If this is in fact the case, why the crying?  And more to the point, well done SAF for inserting Carrick just to buy 30 more seconds.  Wily, old man.

3. I wouldn’t allow Ben Foster to guard a cup of warm piss.  Take away his two howlers, and we’re not counting into the 6th minute of stoppage.  Utd would be better to hang a wallbanger of Peter Schmeichel from the crossbar.

Setanta Loses EPL Rights

I know I’m pretty new to this whole soccer thing, but I’m pretty sure the above is a big deal. So much for my switching cable/satellite providers to get Setanta. And does this have anything to do with Fox Sports here in the US?


Apparently the “better” English Premier League provider welched on £30 million owed to the league — and though for a while it looked like an American investor might bail them out (interesting), but in the end that deal fell through.

More from the BBC’s football blogger on where Setanta went wrong here.

Gigglesoccer Hotel

As you may or may not know, I don’t get Setanta here in Las Vegas. Sure, I see some of their games in the casino, but it’s never with sound, so I don’t get to see/hear much of what supposedly makes this channel so far superior to FSC. With that said, I’m not so sure what to think of this show — Special 1 TV, formerly “I’m on Setanta”. I’m pretty sure it’s awesome, but might not be well-educated enough by Fox to fully get the idiosyncrasies of Sven Eriksson, Wayne Rooney, Jose Mourinho, and Alex Ferguson puppets:

Thanks, Steve in LA, for the tip-off!