Not sure which league this is in — France, I presume — but at least the right guy got a booking and presumably career-ending injury:

La faute malheureuse commise par Axel Witsel (Standard) sur Wasilewski (Anderlecht) lors du match Anderlecht-Standard du 30/08/2009 de Jupiler Pro League (score final 1-1)

(Thanks DonkeyBomber for the link!)

UPDATE: Oops, just re-watched it. And I think I misinterpreted the card as well as the action. I now can see why the player driving down the field was the bad guy, not the tackler who got (literally) crushed. Yikes.

Anti-Chelsea Postgame at The Lodge

Where better to celebrate a victory drown your sorrows than at a tiddie bar filled with fans of the team you were unsuccessfully rooting against? Add multiple vodka tonics and a penchant for violence and you’ve got a winner … but not before a Chelsea fan tries to make nice by offering up his Samsung blue in exchange for Sangyfarha’s red. Fortunately a drunken Syrian steps in to broker the peace.

A poetic statement on football’s international diversity and an American trying to come to grips with riot mentality and a conflicting desire for women in 8-inch heels.